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"Capital Punishment Cannot Prevent Murder" Talks About The Negative Aspects Of The Death Penalty.

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Capital Punishment Cannot Prevent MurderCapital punishment has always been a controversial topic. Applied already in the ancient times, executions have always been a part of our lives. Nevertheless, more and more countries abolished this kind of penalty because they started to doubt its fairness and reliability. Amnesty International states on its website that" an average of three countries per year have abolished the death penalty since 1976 (...)." The only Western industrialized country that retains capital punishment is the United States. However, statistics prove that American citizens are not as convinced of the justification for a death penalty as they were in the past. Revenge, save of costs, trust in the U.S. justice system, and a deterrent effect on crimes and murders are arguments from those who support capital punishment. I have to say though that cruelty, irrevocability and discrimination are the reasons why a death penalty cannot be justified.Many supporters of the death penalty argue that it is only fair to kill a murderer. They believe in the principle "Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth" (Matthew 5:37). It is very easy to assert that this is the right thing to do because this is what the bible tells us. I do not necessarily believe in every single word that is said in this book, but if someone argues for the death penalty by quoting from the bible, I can counter argue by also citing from it. Jesus claimed, "But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also" (Matthew 5: 38-39). He also said, "Love your enemies and those who persecute you (...)" (Matthew 5:44) I regard it to be mendacious, if people try to reinforce their statements by quoting from the bible, although they obviously have not even read it thoroughly. Death penalty as revenge and retribution cannot be morally justified. How can it be vindicated that people create violence in order to fight against violence?British Conservative John Townend asserts, "[death penalty] would also save an awful lot of money. It costs a lot of money to keep people in jail" (Europe). This statement is not implicitly correct. For example, the United States requires twice the amount of four different expert reports from psychiatrists, clergies, and psychologists before the execution. The examination and advisory opinion of specialists is very expensive. Moreover, adjournments occur quite often in processes. For instance, new pieces of circumstantial evidence might be found. The aggregate of these matters can be even more expensive for the state than lifelong custody in jail.Many people argue that capital punishment is the right penalty for murderers because they trust in the justice system of the United States. They assert that any person who is put on trial can have a lawyer, can go back to court at any time if there is new evidence found. Thus, these citizens trust in the system, believing that only guilty people become...

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