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Capital Punishment Deters Deaths Essay

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The issue of capital punishment has remained a huge controversy for decades. However, it still attracts a lot of interest from scholars in several disciplines up to date. Lawyers, economists, philosophers and religious leaders are some of the different professionals whose opinions remain divided on the issue. While some argue that capital punishment deters murder, others think otherwise. Jeffry Fagan a law professor challenges studies that indicate that there is a deterrent effect when capital punishments are enforced. Jeffry’s argument is based on the economic point of view as he asserts that a lot of money is spent on executions whereas the money can be effectively used in enforcing law (Fagan, Jeffrey, Franklin &Amanda 1803-1867). The purpose of this study is to comment on Jeffry’s article and prove that capital punishment is an effective way of death deterrence.

Capital punishment commonly referred to as death penalty is a legal punishment on a criminal through execution. This form of punishment originated from English law. All colonies under English laws enforced capital punishment until their independence was granted. Some of these countries still follow the law although others have abolished it. Capital punishment is forbidden in countries that subscribe to the European Union while other organizations like the United Nations General Assembly are still advocating for its ban. This notwithstanding, U.S.A, India and China are notoriously known for executions. Human rights groups have actively condemned this practice to an extent of declaring 10th October as a world day against capital punishment.

Prof. Jeffry argues that, several studies that have been conducted to prove the deterrence effect are flawed since they do not present any justification for life sentences. He also points that studies supporting capital punishment on grounds of deterrence do not give factors that may dwarf crime levels. He further expresses his...

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