Capital Punishment Does Not Serve A Purpose In Society Today. As Such, It Should Be Abolished. Do You Agree?

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Capital punishment has been existent in many societies for a long time now. It means to punish by the death penalty. Many improvements and methods had been made to change these punishments in order to make it seem more humane, as it had been deemed as barbaric in the past. Now, lethal injections have been used to replace the previous method of beheading someone. Capital punishment might still face some opposition by human rights group who still view it as wrong to take another life, yet in my opinion, capital punishment has been effective in serving as a deterrent for society, that prevents the number of murders and other serious crimes, thus it does serve a purpose, and should not be abolished.Capital punishment serves as a deterrent to warn society not to commit crimes that are deserving of death. Such crimes not only affect society on the whole, but also lead to a whole new series of crimes. For example, drug trafficking would lead to an increase in people taking drugs, and the cravings for drugs and yet the inability to afford it would result in people committing other crimes to satisfy their desires, such as stealing, robbing and being drug traffickers as well. This would lead to a chain reaction and pose major problems to society. Therefore, with capital punishment in place, society would think twice about committing such crimes, as they would think of the consequences behind such crimes.Capital punishment also "nips the problem in the bud", in which it solves the direct cause of the problem by eliminating the threat. By enforcing capital punishment on these criminals, it solves the problem once and for all without actually affecting society. This is beneficial for society as they are rid of one "black sheep". Furthermore, these criminals would never be able to affect others in their wrongdoings anymore, therefore showing that capital punishment would indeed be useful in this aspect.Capital punishment also serves to provide comfort for the mourning family of the victim. Family of the victim would feel that justice is done towards the criminal and thus provide psychological comfort that justice is existent and that the criminal suffered for his crimes and paid for the price in full. This also fulfills the "Tit-for-tat" and "An eye for an eye" theory, in which one must pay for the mistakes they had committed.However, capital punishment also has its shortcomings, in which it might not seem to be as effective. Statistics have shown that capital punishment is an ineffective deterrent as in the countries that have banned capital punishment; the rate of crimes is the same as countries with capital punishment. Therefore, capital punishment is seen as redundant and unneeded. For...

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