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Capital Punishment, Specifically, The Practice Of State Administered Death As A Penalty For Any Crime Requires Abolition.

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Capital PunishmentI will argue for the claim that Capital Punishment, specifically, the practice of State administered death as a penalty for any crime requires abolition.My argument centers on the simple violation of human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), adopted by the U.N. in 1948, asserts "the right of every individual to protection from deprivation of life". It states that no person shall be subjected to cruel or degrading punishment. The death penalty violates both of these basic rights. It is a cruel, merciless, and unprincipled punishment that has no place in a criminal justice system.[1]American capital punishment [D] is a combative issue. Supporters of capital punishment may argue that it deters crime, it is less expensive than life imprisonment and is a morally acceptable form of punishment for extraordinary crimes. Often, the proponent of execution will assert that death is what murderers deserve, and that opposition to prisoner executions is a infringes on the basic reasoning that offenders should be penalized, and the penalty likewise fit the offense. This idea suggests legal penalties are inequitable unless they mimic the crime itself. This generalization is nonsense. It would instruct the State to molest the children of child molesters, exact a gun murder with a matching gun, and inflict other disgraceful punishments on offenders. It is an absurd rational. Just consider penalties that requires the State to cheat on the cheater or chug a liter of whiskey and drive aimlessly until law enforcement smashes into the friends and coworkers of DUI offenders. These punishments are logically ridiculous to inflict. Because it is impossible lucidly intend to punish all crimes consistent with this precept, it is outlandish to raise it as a requirement of law as a penalty for capital murder.Nevertheless, if the Old Testament principle, "eye for an eye" suggests the severity of punishments must be proportional to the seriousness of the offense. Murder is the most serious crime. In turn, it requires the strictest punishment. This precept is no doubt solid. Notwithstanding, this supposition does not support the use of death as a penalty. It demands that all crimes be punished with terms of confinement or other social control.Criminal behavior absolutely merits punishment, and the severity of the punishment should be suitable to the harm inflicted on the innocent. But, severity has its limits mandated by both justice and our common humanity. Government respecting these limits should not use forced execution as an instrument of public policy.The death penalty is sometimes defended, yet limited, only to the crime of capital murder, and therefore, excluding any other crimes that qualify death as penalty. In the U.S. today, the death penalty is reserved as punishment for premeditated murder, espionage, or traitorous acts against the government. [2] This argument is unproductive, because it weakens the logic of the debate by...

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