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Capital Punishment: Ethical Or Not Essay

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Brown 1Taylor BrownPHIL-230625 April 2013Capital Punishment: Ethical or NotIn today's world of what is right and what is a wrong, violent crime such as murder, should carry some sort of stiffer punishment than that of other, lesser crimes. What is unclear is what that punishment should be. One punishment that is a constant source of debate is the death penalty. This paper examines whether the death penalty is ethical or not. Both sides of the issue will be explained, through examination of various aspects of it, which include religious and financial considerations, whether the death penalty is a deterrent or not, and whether or not it can be regarded as justice.The greatest amount of debate over the death penalty comes from the Bible. Depending on whose interpretation one hears the Bible is for or against capital punishment. Both sides of the argument to support their own beliefs use verses from The Bible. The United States is made up of numerous different religious cultures. A sample of a few official policies from some denominations' web sites shows an almost fifty-fifty split for and against. For example, the Assemblies of God do not take a stance for or against the death penalty. The same is true for the Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints, who says that it should be left to "…the prescribed processes of civil law."(Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The Catholic catechism posted on their web site shows support only if non-lethal methods will not serve to preserve human life. In other words, if there is absolutely no way to stop a person from killing another person, then execution is acceptable. Opponents of the death penalty include the Presbyterian Church, which states on its web site "The use of the death penalty tends to brutalize the society that condones it." Likewise, the Lutheran Church is anti-capital punishment, but does recognize the government's authority to use it only if failing to use it causes obvious danger to society. The church questions whether or not it can be used in a fair manner, and says, "It perpetuates cycles of violence." The United States' religious population is also made up with some more Eastern religions. Buddhism is completely against taking or causing the taking of life (Buddhism: Capital Punishment). The Islamic Qur'an states: "…and take not life, which God has made sacred, except by way of justice and law (Capital Punishment in Islam)." Even the official policies of various religions do not always reflect the views of individual members. This sample of religious policies and teachings clearly shows that this country is split right down the middle in their views regarding the death penalty. Religion cannot solely be the only argument for the death penalty or against the death penalty. There must be examination of other considerations in order to evaluate the ethical correctness of capital punishment.Some proponents of the death penalty argue that people who are convicted of...

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