Capital Punishment In A Civilized Society

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What is meant by the term "civilised"? The definition is to have a high state of culture, development in both social and technological. But who can say that we are civilised. What is meant by the term "civilised"? The definition is to have a high state of culture, development in both social and technological. But who can say that we are civilised. If we go back in time when women were treated unfairly, when people were murdered because they were accused of being a witch, when people were hung and killed because of the colour of their skin, and criminals were killed publically, most of which were not guilty of the accused crime. We considered ourselves civilised then, who can say we are civilised now? How different are we now from then? We still have people being murdered because of the colour of the skin. There are still places where women are treated un-equally, and places where Parents are killing their own children because they believe demons live in them. How can we call this civilised. But even though we can see all this throughout the world, some societies have reached the point where they can call themselves civilised. But to what extent? Can we call ourselves civilized when we allow murder to take place?

Capital punishment is a difficult issue and there are as many different opinions as there are people. Capital punishment means to condemn a person to death. It has no place in a society claiming to be civilised and doesn't fit in today's society where everyone is asserting to be educated and cultured. The issue of capital punishment involves studying the morals which are used to give a good reason for its carrying out or refusal. There is no right set of morals, making this issue very disturbing. For example, it is arguable that the punishment for a crime should be the same as the crime which is made. Though, one can answer by asking who decides what is a similar punishment for as crime and how can one go about making sure that no unfair punishment is being experienced. Therefore, because the argument of this issue brings out many views about how effective punishments are and what morally is right or wrong. It is hard to reach an agreement about the right view on the way death penalty should be.

Supporters of the death penalty believe that this type of punishment is neither immoral, cruel or unusual for these several reasons

Some people believe that death penalty is overall morally the right type of punishment needed for today's society. Death penalty supporters state that the community has the duty and the rights to take the lives of those which decide to break the law and kill others. Many direct to the Old Testament section of the bible which describes punishment in the form of "life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, and hand for hand". In some countries death penalty is not at all illegal. Death penalty supporters also strongly disagree that death penalty is...

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