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Capital Punishment In The U.S Essay

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Today in the United States some would agree that society is overwhelmed with high crime rates and overcrowded prison systems that are full of repeat offenders. The idea of capital punishment could be the solution to some of those problems. Over the years capital punishment has been discussed among political figures in the United States but there has been no clear and permanent decision. Capital punishment here in the United States is a controversial issue some people would argue that it is wrong and inhumane. The United States does not violate its Constitution with the use of capital punishment with the participation of a physician it is ethical and the Bible supports capital punishment.
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Also convinced that a death row inmate is not a patient the Public Library of Science writes that execution by lethal injection has the same the same relationship to medicine as an executioner’s axe (77). “Inmates have argued that the participation of anesthesiologists or other highly trained medical professionals is constitutionally required to minimize the risk of unnecessary suffering. This has reinvigorated the ethical debate about physician participation in executions ( University of Missouri). With those arguments if there should be a medical professional involved to insure that the inmates receiving the death penalty do not suffer. If not then it might make the whole situation inhumane.
Capital punishment is in fact supported by the Bible. “Capital punishment was a significant feature in the justice system of Old Testament Israel”. In Romans 13 the Bible says "authority does not bear the sword in vain!" The point of this statement is that people are supposed to obey the law of the land and if they don’t there are certain consequences for those actions (What Does the Bible Say…). “Execution was called for in response to extreme civil crimes like murder and rape, false prophecy and witchcraft. The Bible also states in Genesis
“Whoever sheds man’s blood, his blood will be shed by man, for God made man in His image” ( In this verse the bible is saying that murder is a crime that the punishment of is death (
In conclusion of this argument, it is the best interest of...

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