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Capital Punishment In United Arab Emirates And Pakistan

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What is Capital Punishment?
Capital Punishment is punishing someone with a death penalty after he/she commits a crime that falls under the Capital Punishment term.
Background of the Country and the Laws of the United Arab Emirates:
The United Arab Emirates, which can be simply known as the UAE is an Arab country on the Persian Gulf, as well sharing sea borders with Qatar and Iran. The UAE is a country with seven emirates, with each emirate being ruled by an emir. One emir is selected to be the president of the United Arab Emirates. The emirates are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras-al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi. Islam is the only religion of the UAE while Arabic being the official language.
There are currently six laws which are really common in the UAE:
1. No kissing or touching.
If you’re a person living in the UAE for for probably a while, you should be knowing that kissing and touching is prohibited in the UAE, you should be expecting a tap on your shoulder when someone notices this to remind you to abide by the rules in the UAE.
2. No swearing or making inappropriate gestures.
Some people may not be offended by this but it is forbidden in the UAE. No swearing and making inappropriate gestures is also a warning in the tourist books. Showing your middle finger, pulling your tongue out is considered indecent. Even pointing at someone may be considered impolite.
3. No taking pictures without permission.
Innocents like tourists are the ones who get caught breaking this rule the most, as they like to capture images of anything that looks different from their home country. If anyone tries to break this rule, the punishment is given in a form of fines.
4. Disrespecting any religion.
As UAE being a pure Islamic country, it has many different rules than any of the countries, as religious values are widely respected in the UAE. Some actions that may get caught in blasphemy may be using a newspaper as a wrapping paper which has the name of the Prophet Muhammad, and when you hear the prayer call, don’t try to disrupt in any obvious way.
5. No sharing private space with opposite sex.
Any male may not be allowed to share private space with an opposite sex unless and until they both are married. If you’re in university and are advised to share a room with an opposite sex, that may be tolerated but in a limit. If any punishment has to be given it depends on the situation.
6. No indecent clothing.
Another way people may effect the UAE decency law is by putting on indecent clothing. Summer may want you to wear the most exotic clothing but you have to try to stay away from it. If you’re in public places and you’re wearing a skirt or shorts, they need to be at the appropriate length. However rules on the beaches are much more lenient. Swimwear is accepted but should be appropriate. Top-less sun bathing and wearing thongs is inappropriate and unacceptable.

Background of the...

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