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Capital Punishment Is Not Moral Essay

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One issue that continues to divide America is the death penalty. In the United States today, 32 states allow the death penalty as the maximum form of punishment and 18 states have since abolished it and have replaced it with Life without parole. As of July 1, 2013 there are a total of 3,095 inmates currently incarcerated on Death Row. Since 1976, 1,370 death row inmates have been executed (“Facts on the Death Penalty”). Overall, it is a very controversial topic with many different views. Many supporters of the death penalty believe that it is more ethical to carry out capital punishment since those who are receiving it have committed the most heinous and unforgivable crimes. The evidence and research shows that capital punishment is not morally permissible. Many studies show that the death penalty costs much more than life without parole for the max punishment (Dieter 6). There is also a lack of evidence on the deterrent effect that retribution and the death penalty has on would-be murderers. The criminal justice system is not perfect and is bound to make mistakes. Innocent beings have been placed on death row later being exonerated, some even after execution. States should abolish capital punishment and replace it with a life sentence without the possibility for parole and include restitution.
States should turn to alternative forms of maximum punishment because of how costly it is to carry out the Death Penalty.
There are less expensive forms of punishment available to states such as Life without Parole.
Death Row inmates require higher security and special types of housing (Evans 76). According to a report done by the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice in 2008, it costs on average $90,000 dollars to house each inmate. With 670 death row inmates it totaled out at $63 million dollars per year. These numbers do not include the large amounts of money it takes for pre-trial and trial costs and State/Federal Habeas Corpus appeals which adds hundreds of millions of dollars.
It is illogical to continue wasting millions of dollars when other forms of punishment exist and cost 3 times less than the death penalty (Alarcon and Mitchell 6).
Funding should not be going to programs that are not being thoroughly productive.
Billions of dollars are being wasted to execute a little over 10 people. That is not merely enough to excuse that much money being spent.
In California, $4 billion dollars have been spent on death penalty expenses since 1978. Only 13 executions have been carried out during that period of time, costing the tax payers an estimation of $308 million dollars per execution.
It just does not seem reasonable to spend that kind of money to carry out a failed policy.
Funding used for the death penalty should be put into programs that benefit society.
It takes money away from programs that would be beneficial in protecting the community.
Due to a lack of funding, New York could not provide each...

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