Capital Punishment: Main Aspects Of This Controversial Topic

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Throughout history, humans have committed crimes even before they were labeled as crimes. Nowadays, different crimes are punished in different ways depending on where you live in this world. This leads to the main focus of this essay, capital punishment. Moreover, capital punishment, or as it is sometimes labeled a death sentence, is one of the many controversial issues in modern times. For the purpose of this essay, capital punishment could mean legally killing, executing or taking someone’s life as a punishment for a crime that constitutes such punishment. However, which crimes are considered punishable by death? And what controversies arise over such punishments? These are some of many questions being discussed today over the subject of capital punishment. This research discusses the main aspects of this controversial topic. The first main aspect of this widely discussed subject is how and when has capital punishment originated. In addition, some of the main events regarding capital punishment throughout history will be demonstrated and discussed. Secondly, the research will explore the impacts of capital punishment on the society and vice versa. Moreover, wide discussions on a global scale over whether capital punishment is morally acceptable or rejected, which will be discussed in the final part of this essay.

Firstly, this part of the essay discusses how and when has capital punishment originated, and gives examples of the main events involving capital punishment throughout times. Before discussing the history of capital punishment, the history of the word itself must be explained. The phrase capital punishment was derived from the Latin language. In addition, as mentioned in the (BBC website), capital in Latin stands for the head, as in the part of the body. This means that phrase capital punishment been known and used for a very long time as a type of a punishment. It is very old that it existed in some of the oldest known civilizations. According to Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) in Washington, the first time a law that used capital punishment has been put in place in the Babylon in the Eighteenth Century B.C. by their king at the time. It was used as a punishment for 25 different types of crimes. Since then, death penalty was also used in different civilizations in B.C. times. Also, around 5 different types of death sentences were used, including beating to death and burning alive. (DPIC)
Since that time until modern days the way capital punishment was applied and who it was applied to has changed dramatically from one civilization to another and from time to time. In addition, Michael H. Reggio gives an example of the diverse methods of legally killing someone in the Roman times. A person who has killed their parents would be submerged into water in a sack containing a viper, a dog, rooster and an ape. Moreover, Michael H. Reggio also...

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