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Capital Punishment: Moral Or Immoral? Essay

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apital Punishment, also known as the death penalty is a very controversial issue in today's society. Capital Punishment is the legal infliction of death as a penalty for violating criminal law. Methods of Capital Punishment have ranged from crucifixion, stoning, to impaling, to modern time Capitol Punishment that generally consists of lethal gas or injection, electrocution, hanging, or at times shooting over the years. About 90 nations all over the world have abolished the death penalty and about the same number have retained it. In today's society there are many people on both sides of the issue of Capitol Punishment that have much to say about whether it should be retained or abolished.The ...view middle of the document...

' How is Capital Punishment not cruel and unusual? At one point our government questioned whether it was cruel and unusual. In 1972 the Supreme Court ruled 'that allowing a jury unlimited discretion to choose between a death sentence and a prison sentence for a convicted criminal constituted cruel and unusual punishment.' Following this ruling of Capital Punishment all executions were null and void until 1976 when states quickly passed new death penalty legislations. By changing from hangings to lethal injection the states believed that this was no longer cruel and unusual punishment. However, on March 10, 1992 Robyn Parks who was sentenced to the death penalty reacted spasmodically for almost a minute due to lethal injection then choked to death. That sounds pretty cruel and unusual. So even though it is thought that lethal injection and sometimes electrocution is not cruel or unusual many would argue that it is, because as seen in Robyn's story effects can come from it that can lead to bigger things.Many people who are for Capital Punishment argue that it prevents future murders from happening. For many years criminologist have researched many things related with murder rates and those convicted murderers being executed and many of the results have come back inconclusive. The fact that some states or countries, which do not use the death penalty, have lower rates than jurisdictions, which do, is not evidence of the failure of deterrence. Those in favor of the death penalty say that threats and punishments such as Capital Punishment are needed to deter crime. Those in opposition to Capitol Punishment say that those who believe that deterrence justifies the execution of offenders bear the burden of proving that the death penalty is a deterrent, but they have yet to do so. All their reports that have been done to prove that it is a deterrent have come back inconclusive. William Bowers of Northeastern University states that, "society is brutalized by the use of the death penalty, and this increases the likelihood of murder.' In countries like Europe and Canada where there is no death penalty they have a lower murder rate than that of the U.S., which has an enforced death penalty. The safety of today's society can easily be taken care of without Capital Punishment; the easy solution is just a sentence of life without parole.Another controversy within Capital Punishment that many people argue is whether or not it is fair to take the life of those that have taken a live of another. Those in support of Capital Punishment even recognize that through this the victim and his/her family cannot be taken back in time, which preceded the murder. Historically our society takes its belief on Capital Punishment from the idea of "an eye for an eye" and a life for a life. Those in opposition to it say that...

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