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Capital Punishment Needs To Be Abolished For It Is Manifestly Unjust And There Is Disparity In Sentencing.

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Abolish Capital PunishmentWhat is the outcome of capital punishment? Does it bring peace or happiness to a victim's family or does the victim regain his or her life back? Capital punishment, also referred to the death penalty, has been a controversial issue to the society for past decades. It is an ongoing debate that the society argues whether to be abolished or supported. In the United States, the country most characterized by the concept of equal justice for all, the Supreme Court declared the death penalty to be constitutional. I resolutely oppose their act, which seems to support injustice. Capital punishment needs to be abolished for it is manifestly unjust and there is disparity in sentencing.Racism is one cause of the unequal treatment. It exists in most sensitive areas of the judicial system. Racism plays an important factor of determining who will be sentenced to death and who will have lesser punishment. Black inmates are more likely to be executed than white inmates. According to the NAACP's Legal Defense and Education Fund's publication, Death Row in America, 40 percent, or 1,117, of the prisoners under sentence of death were blacks, despite the fact that blacks comprise only about 12 percent of the national population. Shareef's case is one example of this racism. Sareef Cousin, a 16 year old, African American, by the testimony of a white witness's claim to the jury that he is the killer of a white victim, was convicted and sentenced to death. After couple of years, his lawyer saw a copy of the witness's original police statement in which she said she couldn't even describe the killer because " It was dark and I didn't have my lenses." In the same time in Louisiana district where Cousin was convicted and sentenced to death, a review of more than 400 homicide cases revealed troubling disparities in application of the death penalty related to race. " At present, roughly half of more than 3500 people on death row are people of color." Declared an analyst.Discrimination against the poor also exists in execution. There are double standards for rich and poor. Almost all people on death row could not afford to hire a qualified attorney. Chessman, who did not have any money, was convicted of multiple counts of rape and kidnapping, drew the death penalty. In contrast, O.J. Simpson, had a costly team of juror consultants and attorneys, drew not guilty verdict. A rich defendant may usually post bail, retain attorneys of choice, and hire investigators. On the other hand, the indigent defendant, unable to hire an attorney, lacking power, receives inexperienced and incompetent lawyers by the choice of the court. In Griffin v. Illinois, the late Justice...

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1157 words - 5 pages through leading up to the execution. How wud u feel if u knew that u were going to die 2morrow morning at 8am?? Capital punishment is a failure in the deterrent of crime, which can b seen by comparing the criminal stats of those countries where the punishment is in use, with those countries where it has been abolished. There are suitable alternatives to c.p. 4m life imprisonment, 4 major crimes, 2 community service

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1167 words - 5 pages government power. There are both pros and cons to capital punishment, but many people are against it. The innocent people put on death row, the cost, the lack of proven deterrence and discrimination within the system are all reasons capital punishment should be abolished. The death penalty can be and has been inflicted upon innocent people. Since 1973, over 130 people have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence(DPIC

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1069 words - 4 pages reintroducing capital punishment. The fact that there is no evidence to support the view that it deters criminals, that it is irreversible and an inhumane punishment suggests that capital punishment should be abolished worldwide.REFERENCES1)'Simply Living' Vol.4 No.4 1989, 'The Green Pages:Amnesty International, Campaign to abolish the death penalty'2)Encyclopaedia Britannica, Britannica center, Instant Research service, 'The debate over capital punishment', 'Arguments for abolition of death penalty'3)'Time', January 24, 1983, 'An Eye for an Eye'

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924 words - 4 pages redundant and unneeded. For example, in the US, the number of murders is not reduced, in which it remains status quo of around 48 murders per day. Therefore, since capital punishment does not serve a purpose, there is no point in implementing it, as it would only be seen as a waste of another life.Yet, although it is true that countries with capital punishment does not have a lower crime rate than in the countries without, it is not possible to say

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1665 words - 7 pages extensively in the methods required to insert an IV into the veins. Between 1982 and 2001, there were 37 "botched" executions (Burgess, July 12, 2005). These cases have put capital punishment in the lime light and are cases not easily forgotten. These cases provide fuel to debate capital punishment. One "botched" execution is the case of Willie Frances. Willie Frances was sentenced to be executed on May 3, 1946, for the murder of Andrew Thomas

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1929 words - 8 pages criminals(“Debate Over ”). There is a belief that capital punishment must be the standard by which each and every state must abide. The article points out that our society should not sit back and watch criminals be released and then able to kill again. With the use of execution, we are creating a world that is safer for us and our children so we may once live again without the fear of being senselessly killed or losing loved ones. As stated in the

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746 words - 3 pages Should the Death Penalty be Abolished? Everyone has different beliefs about the death penalty. Some people believe it is barbaric and inhumane to put someone to death who has been convicted, while others feel that the death penalty gives resolution to the victim's family and friends. The death penalty is used to punish criminals for the wrong they have done. However, I believe that killing a person to "punish" them is not enough

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2300 words - 9 pages weekend furloughs from prison. Following the example of other hardended inmates over the years, Horton decided not to return from work. Instead, months later, he viciously tortured and raped a Maryland couple for twelve hours (Bidinotto 5). As this case illustrates, capital punishment is essential to maintain social order in the United States. It is necessary to keep society safe, deter crime, preserve ethical values, uphold the Constitution

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1311 words - 6 pages cited in Gest, 1986, 25).Because of the immense possibility of discrimination in sentencing in capital punishmentcases, each stage of prosecution must be controlled as much as possible. Although theseoffenders are the worst the criminal justice system has to offer, prosecutors must be encouragedto consider the crime and not the race of the victim or offender and the judge must attempt toexclude the same racial issue when deciding the punishment

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