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Capital Punishment~Right Or Wrong? Essay About The Different Views Involving The Death Penalty And Why They Might Feel That Way.

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Capital punishment, or the death penalty is one of the mostdebated issues in the Criminal Justice Sysem and is a verycontroversial issue among society. The two most commonviews are either completely for or against capitalpunishment. Most arguments against the death penalty arefor moral reason. They view it as cruel and unusualpunishment, whereas aguements for the death penalty say "aneye for an eye."One of the main arguements for capital punushment isthat it also prevents other murders from taking place.However, there are actual statistics to prove otherwise.These statistics show that more murders actually take placeduring the following weeks.( tend to believe that they will escape anyconcequences for their crime, or they simply are thinkingirrationally at the time and just don't think of theconcequences. So an escalation of concequences is usuallyirrelevent to their state of mind at the time that theycomit the crime. (Capital Punishment- Cruel and Unusual?)Most murders are "crimes of passion". They arecommitted under the influence of the extremely blindingemotions of "rage, hatred, jealousy, or fear." In fact, theamount of unplanned murders account for more than ninetypercent, whereas, planned is about ten percent. So, thenwho is likely reconcinder a crime because of the threat ofexecution? The insane or mentally disturbed killer, or thedrug addicted drunk who hadn't intended to murder, but ithappened? Perhaps the macho, risk-taking gang member, oreven the murderer who wishes to be caught. "The reality,with few exceptions, is that murderers are not clearthinking people. They are impulsive, self centered, oftenwarped; overwhelmingly they are products of violent homes;frequently they are addled by booze or drugs; and most ofthem are deeply antisocial." (Just Revenge, Mark Costanzo,PH.D.)Of course mistakes can be made, which means even theinnocent can be convicted and exectuted for crimes they didnot commit. The death penalty is irrevocable, you can nevertake it back. "In case of a mistake, the executed prisonercannot be given another chance. Justice can miscarry. Inthe last hundred years there have been more than 75documented cases of wrongful conviction of criminalhomicide. The death...

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