Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished: Views Shared Between Utilitarians, Egalitarians, Altruists And Supporters Of The Divine Command Theory

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Looking out for the state of the public's satisfaction in the scheme of capital sentencing does not constitute serving justice. Today's system of capital punishment is thick with inequalities and injustices. The commonly offered arguments for the death penalty are filled with holes." It was a deterrent. It removed killers. It was the ultimate punishment. It is biblical. It satisfied the public's need for retribution. It relieved the anguish of the victim's family." All of these reasons prove to either be wrong or not fully supported. Morally, it is a continuation of the cycle of violence and degrades all who are involved in its enforcement, as well as its victim.Someone who supports the Divine Command Theory, or someone who believes solely in God's will, would say that capital punishment is wrong for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that executing someone is a lot like "playing God." Executing a person kills them before the time of their natural death. Most Christians believe that God places people on Earth for a specific reason, or purpose. If our government kills them before it's their "time," then we may be defying God's will. Another reason a person who supports the Divine Command Theory might have against capital punishment is that executing a person is practically "sending them to Hell." Some Christians believe that an individual who dies without being "saved" will go to Hell inevitably. If the government executes them before their natural time of death, they are taking away the chances that the person might have of going to Heaven.A Utilitarian view holds true in many of the reasons that are commonly used to bash capital punishment. A Utilitarian, or someone who believes in maximizing social utility, would say that capital punishment affects society negatively. It lowers the significance of human life and causes society to be desensitized to brutality. A Utilitarian would agree with this statement because it is not creating what is best, all in all, for a society- it's making it worse. Another reason is the lack of prevention. In no way has the death penalty shown that it stops or lowers homicide rates, in fact, in some cases, it seems to have made homicide rates actually increase. Another reason that a Utilitarian would support against capital punishment would be cost issues. It actually costs more money to execute a person than it would cost to incarcerate them for a lifetime. This is not maximizing social utility because people end up paying more money for brutality, rather than civility. The next reason a Utilitarian would support is...

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