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Capitalism Benefits Everybody Reflective Essay

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Assessment 1 - Critical CommentaryWhen analysing the importance of sociological imagination and ethical reasoning for better understanding of business, society and government relationships under capitalism, it is important to take into account different people views and opinion to justify your own knowledge and understanding.Sociological imagination is the social analysis of the behaviours and traits of business, society and government that assist us in representing images from our previous experience and knowledge. As we are all unique in the way we think and act, it is hard to justify and right and wrong definition on capitalism in accordance to BSG. We must consider analysis from other peers who have similar interest in the topic to broaden our knowledge of the matter to try and piece together a comprehensive response.We see from the online discussion that students had both similar and conflicting views, however no two responses were the same. This draws back on the notion of sociological imagination where Coronado (2009) states that "there is no one way on understanding sociological imagination, but multiple ways, where each person has something useful to say about social perspectives based on their own experience and knowledge". Andrew Youhanna (University of Western Sydney [2014, Forum 2] emphasised the importance of capitalism through economic growth for business', however at the same time disagreed with the outsourcing of jobs especially with big corporations looking to minimise their costs in order to increase profitability.This is one example where we can see the connection with ethical reasoning and sociological imagination in understanding the topic question. Ethical reasoning is considering the needs of individuals and organizations, to understand the complexities of decisions, taking into account multiple perspectives such as Consequentialism (consequences), Deontology (duties, rights and obligations) and...

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