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Capitalism Theories And Their Role In Us Government

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Throughout the years in the US, there has been a lot of controversy on how the government should be running; therefore, theories have been established by certain scholars to answer the commotion of distributive justice. Distributive justice plays a big role in each theory because it is something that affects everyone in this nation. Distributive justice is the concept that determines where the allocation of goods in a society goes. Well-known scholars such as Locke, Mill, Nozick, Rawls, and Marx have created ideas that impact the way certain societies run in the US.
In Locke’s book Second Treatise, he analyzes the property of the earth in relation to God and his sons. Locke argues that the ...view middle of the document...

Disagreeing with Rawls’ theory, Robert Nozick wrote a book, Anarchy, State, and Utopia, to argue against John Rawls’ theory. Nozick says that Rawls’ distribution theory infringes on the liberties of the people; therefore, Nozick’s answer is that if someone gets what they get, they deserve it; a libertarian answer to Rawls. Completely separate from these scholars, Marx gives us the theory of Marxism. Marxism gives ideas to economic, social, and philosophical views. Marxism is a “conflict theory;” this conflict that it is referring to is between the upper and lower class. On a spectrum, Marxism is on the opposite end of capitalism; Marxism aims to make an equal society. In my eyes, I see Marxism as a type of communism; therefore, this is the theory that we use the least out of all of the theories I have talked about.
In the US, most of the wealth and property are allocated to a small percentage of the population. Only one of these theories presented by the scholars says that this is fine, and the rest say that it is unacceptable. The theory that says this is fine is libertarianism as presented by Nozick. I believe that this theory is the most commonly used in the US because of its’ similarity to capitalism. Libertarianism tells us that it is somewhat concerned with the well-being of the poor, but it is up to charitable acts to help benefit them in some way; it is not the governments job to help the poor and give them greater benefits than the upper class. If the government was to institute programs to help their people, these programs should be beneficial to everyone. Redistribution of property does not exist in libertarianism, again, it is up to charitable acts to help the poor, not the forced law upon the upper class. Apart from agreeing with capitalism, Lockes’ theory of Liberalism comes in second in regards to being closest to how the US runs. Liberalism argues that government power should be very limited, and only there to be used as a means of protection by the people. The idea of property in Liberalism doesn't agree with capitalism. Locke believes that property should be owned by everyone, and used by the people whom are going to be the most beneficial to society. Although this doesn't sound like capitalism, it agrees with it in the sense that nothing is being taken away from people to give to the poor; if you are a hard labor ranch worker, then you deserve to have a lot of land, not the man who is going to not utilize it at all as Liberalism would say. Just like Libertarianism, Liberalism doesn't require any redistribution of property.
As for the theories that disagree with capitalism and how the US runs, they range from Utilitarianism, as the weakest one of...

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