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Capitalistic Imperialism & The Formation Of A New World Order Germany 1870 1900

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Germany was a method for the mix up of Africa, causing chaos by conservative, independent, and thought out imperialism. While France and Britain were timeless rivals, used to competing for land and power, the addition of a unified Germany broke the rules, giving France and Britain something to be scared about and therefore giving them the fear to colonize. Germany's desire to establish protectorates came from two schools of thought, both of which upset the balance of Europe. Finally, lacking any kind of established tradition, Germany was able to expand her influence how she wanted to.German imperialists argued that Britain's world power position gave the British unfair advantages on international markets. This limited Germany's economic growth and threatening security. European industrialists wanted to accelerate the Scramble for Africa, securing colonies before they strictly needed them. The thought that markets might soon become flooded, and a nation's economy can only survive if it was able to offload its surplus products elsewhere.The sudden arrival of German imperialism in Africa was not something the dominant imperial powers, France and Britain, should have seen coming. After almost no imperialistic activity in 1884, Germany established the Cameroons, German South-west Africa, and New Guinea. Terrified that Germany was going to take over Africa the rest of Europe, Britain and French nationalist demanded more aggressive imperialism. By careful, conservative imperialism, Bismarck's Germany caused the emotionally driven scramble for Africa.Bismarck, uninterested in overseas adventures, was eventually brought to realize the value of colonies for securing new markets for German industry, the expansion for trade, and a new field for German activity. Planned threats to the markets and security included the expansion of the navy and doubling the size of Central Powers between the Franco-Prussian War and the Great War. German colonial efforts from 1884 brought only a small overseas empire compared to those of Britain and France. The following German foreign policy initiatives, such as the initiation of a large battle fleet under naval laws of 1898 and 1900, drove Britain into diplomatic alignment with a Franco-Russian alliance already at the time of Bismarck's fall.While Germany's decision to colonize in Africa was not expected, it certainty was not carried out in an irrational way. No other country was interested in Cameroon and Togo, the two earliest of German protectorates. Britain and France were obsessed with Egypt and the Congo and Niger River areas. It has been said that the scramble for Africa would not have happened so soon had Egypt not been involved with the conflict between France and Britain. But it was Germany's unexpected imperialism, while Britain and France were haggling over the Egyptian Crisis that caused the scramble, not just Egypt as a separate problem.While looking at the scramble, and what initially caused the chaos, you need...

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