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Capitol Punishment Is Unjust Essay

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Each year there are about 250 people added to death row and roughly 35 convicts are executed annually . The death penalty is the harshest form of punishment enforced in the United States today, it is cruel, sadistic, appalling, and final. Criminals on death row face several forms of execution the most common is lethal injection. However, some states such as Texas and South Carolinia use the electric chair and firing arms. Capital punishment is unjust and unethical, and should be prohibited.Adversaries of capital punishment believe that the offender should be required to compensate the victim's family with the offender's own income from employment or community service. By working, the criminal involuntarily "pays back" society and also their victim and/or the victim's family. One of the most well known examples of the criminal contributing to the betterment of society is the case of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. Leopold and Loeb were nineteen years old when they committed "The Crime of the Century." In 1924 they kidnapped and murdered a fourteen year old boy just to see what it was like. They were both spared the death penalty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Together, their accomplishments include working at hospitals, teaching illiterates to read, creating a school within the penitentaray, and writing a grammar book. "A tremendous amount of people were directly helped by Leopold and Loeb; both of them making a conscious commitment to repent by serving others.In 1972 case of Furnam v. Georgia, capital punishment was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The reason for this decision was that the death penalty was applied disproportionately to certain classes of defendants, particularly black and poor. The decision was reversed when new methods of execution were introduced .Also the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution condemns "cruel and unusual punishment." The methods by which executions are carried out can involve physical torture. Electrocution has on occasion caused extensive burns and needed more than one application of electric current to kill the...

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