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Capitol Punishment This Paper Discusses John Kavenough Book And How The Death Penalty Should Be Illegal

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Is Capitol Punishment Justified?The Death Penalty is one of the oldest forms of punishment known to humans. From the days of Medieval Europe, up until our modern time, people have used death as deterrence against heinous crimes. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, most executions in the United States have resulted from murder convictions. However, the sentence of death has been imposed for other serious crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, and treason.People disagree about whether capital punishment is moral or if it is effective in discouraging crime. Many people oppose the death penalty because it is considered as a cruel punishment. Critics also believe that there is a risk of executing the wrong person. Supporters of the death penalty believe that in some instances, people who take another human life deserve to forfeit their own lives. Many supporters also argue that the threat of death discourages crime.Some of the most common modern methods of executing those on death row are lethal injection, electrocution, and the gas chamber. Some of the older ways of executing those on death row were quiet gruesome. From the beginning of time, the bible tells that people were stoned to death. From there they began to use the firing squad and then they began to use hanging as a method.(3)Many people have many different opinions on the Capital Punishment. The question is not whether or not it is legal but how moral is it? Do we have the right as humans to play God and take the life of another?Many law makers believe that the death penalty is a just punishment. In the old testament it say's "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". The family of victims sees the death penalty as a just punishment also. The idea of the death penalty is to severely punish the criminal for his crime in hopes that it will deter future crimes. The question is where is the punishment? Once a person is given the death sentence the only punishment that they really receive is the fear of death as they wait for their turn to die. Once you have been killed then you are dead. You feel no pain or punishment. For some criminals death is an easy way out.The death penalty falls back on the old saying "Do two wrongs make a right?" Most of the criminals sentenced to death are done so as a punishment for murder. What is that saying to the world? The law is trying to show us that it is wrong to murder and if you do kill someone then they are going to kill you to show you how wrong it is.In John Kavanaugh's essay "Capital Punishment is Unjust", Kavanaugh discusses different reasons that we as a society may have for legally killing people by means of the death penalty. He begins by depersonalizing the human by saying that those who believe in the death penalty do not value a person as being unessential. They only think of the person as a murderer or other form of criminal. Kavanaugh believes we must all answer to a higher authority but this higher authority says "thou...

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565 words - 2 pages this juncture of time, the question of it being just was answered by the majority - and the majority rules.Many experts who speak against the death penalty cite it as barbaric. The definition of murder, according to Webster, is 'the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought.' Therefore an uneducated person would classify murder as equally barbaric. The mitigating factor of the death penalty is, or should be, an already established


661 words - 3 pages sentence of manslaughter as opposed to murder. Presently 32 States carry capital punishment; however, the death penalty was and is never employed arbitrarily or casually. God does not admonish vigilantism (Romans 12: 14-21) and it is for this reason He has employed civil governments as the instrument for imposing sentences, including capital punishment (Romans 13: 1-4); therefore as Christians, we are to abide by the due process of government

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575 words - 2 pages about three times the cost of 40 years in prison. California could save $90 million each year by abolishing the death penalty. The cost of sentencing one person to one year in jail averages between $25,000 and $40,000. The annual nationwide cost of building, maintaining, and operating prisons is about $60 billion today. Within 15 years we will be spending more on prisons than we are currently spending on national defense.Court Cases:Illinois

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