Ethical Behavior In The Film Capote

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The film Capote, based on the how the writer of “In Cold Blood” did his research to write his book, a masterpiece of literature, has portrayed Capote’s behavior during his research vividly. Capote’s behavior during the years Perry waits on death row in order to get personal testimony of the night of killings is a controversial topic. Some argue that what Capote did was absolutely necessary for an ambitious writer to create such a master piece while other argue that human ethics is more important than the creation of an ideal “non-fiction noble” and the paths he took to get there are morally ambiguous. Even though he gave the world a milestone in literature, his behaviors seem unethical because he lied, pretended to be a friend of an accused murderer who was in a death row, and did not have any empathy to him.
He lied to Perry Smith and the police for his benefits. He lied to police because he said he would writing about how the murder had impacted the community, but he was writing about how the Clutter family was killed. Capote bribed a prison warren to attain access to Perry, a man involved in the Clutter family murder case. Moreover, Capote was writing a book with getting substantial information from the two men who were accused of brutal murder of an entire family at night, but he was hiding the title from the two killers. He wanted to make them believe that his writing was about their unjust trail. In a program, he said about the title of his book was “In Cold Blood” however when Perry asked him about it, he answered that he had to come up with the title and he gave it as a title, but that was not the real title. It seems clear that Capote’s behavior was questionable on how he attained access to Perry and how he lied to him.
He pretended to be Perry's friend in order to obtain information about the murders from Perry. He wanted to draw everything about the case of gruesome murder of the Clutter family out of Smith. In order to get best out of Perry, Capote told his story of his own childhood to encourage Smith to tell about his childhood. Furthermore, to draw more and more out of Perry, he even marvels at one point, “ it’s as if Perry and I grew up in the same house. One day, I went out...

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