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MGT 404Communications, Leadership, Teams and EthicsJudgment Capstone Book ReviewOverview of the message of the book:Judgment play a most important role in our lives, every choice, every decision, every action you did is regarded as a kind of judgment, just like the meaningful saying in the opening of this book "with good judgment, little else matters, without judgment, nothing else matters", a good judgment may not be the solution of of every question, however, a good judgment is the fundamental to solve almost all of questions , even more, some judgment from some specific powerful persons will affect millions of people's lives.Therefore, making a good judgment not only important to individual, but also important to whole society, and the author gives us some example to express this point of view.After the demonstration of the importance of a good judgment, in the article, the author uses some 3-demensions models to illustrate his idea,First one consist of people, strategy, and crisis, the author show us how to handle the overlapping domain of these three domains to make a good judgment.Second model are consist of three item according to timeline, there are preparation, the call, and execution. In preparation, the leader should estimate whether it is necessary to make a judgment in this situation. The call, is the core of whole judgment process, it is the content of the decision which the leader make in order to figure out the problem. Execution is the final part of a judgment making process, in this part the leader should make his decision become reality, and make sure it conduct well.The third model is consisted of different kinds of knowledge, elf-knowledge, social network knowledge, organization knowledge, and contextual knowledge.Key lessons:After read this book, I find how important a good judgment is, and realize the how much responsibilities on a leader's shoulder. As a MBA student, being a leader always in my plan of career, therefore, through this book, my gradually to understand how to improve myself.From Time dimensions, I learned how to make a judgment step by step, before I make a decision, I should evaluated the urgency of the problem, then think thoughtfully about the solution of this problem, finally, make sure this decision achieve the goal.From the knowledge dimension, I learned how to have a good understanding during I am making judgment. First, I should have a self-understanding including the characteristics, properties, and the goal or purpose of myself. Second, I should know how to manage and collaborate with others and establish the connection among people, and put right person in the right position. Then, organization knowledge, I should ensure the plan which I have follows the main idea and culture the company and approaching the goal. Finally, I should understand the partners of the business, including suppliers, retailers and customers, this understanding can help me make a more appropriate decision.To conclude, this...

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