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Miller v. StateSupreme Court of Nevada, 1996991 P. 2d 1183People in the United States commit crimes and make up excuses why they should not be held accountable for a crime. Insanity and temporary Insanity have significant differences. One might ask themselves “is there really any meaningful difference?” During the history of our court system there has been many significant court decisions which address the controversy topic’s of insanity and temporary insanity as it relates to criminal procedures. One of the most significant court decision is Miller Vs State Supreme Court of Nevada, 1996 991 P.2d 1183.FactsOn May 8, 1993, hearing a commotion, Officer Maria Jordan went to an upstairs neighbor’s apartment; when John K. Miller opened the door she noticed bloodstains on Miller’s clothes. Officers responded to the 911 call and observed Miller’s girlfriend and mother of their two children, Robyn Goring, lying on the kitchen floor with a knife protruding from her torso. On June 10, 1993, Miller was charged with first-degree murder with the use of a deadly weapon (Schmalleger, 2002).At the trial, Goring’s mother and sister testified that Goring was going to leave Miller because he was too controlling and violent towards her. A psychiatry expert, Thomas Bittker, testified that Miller’s medical history “conspicuously lacked” any evidence of amnesia or a violent episode associated with a specific seizure and that there was no clear evidence existed to connect his seizure episode with the killing of Goring (Schmalleger, 2002).Bittker concludes that Miller was sane at the time of the murder. Norton Roitman, a certified psychiatrist, concluded that if it were not for Miller’s condition the murder of Goring would have never happened and that Miller was not sane at the time of the murder. Austin Moody, a certified neurologist, agrees with Roitman (Schmalleger, 2002). Moody and Dr. Jack Jurasky, a psychiatrist, testifies that before the stabbing, Miller was sane; but during the stabbing, Miller could not appreciate the nature of his actions and was insane.HistoryOn May 8, 1993, Robyn Goring was stabbed 42 times to death in the apartment she shared with John Kilioi Miller and their two children. Maria Jordan, an officer on the Las Vegas police force, lived directly below Goring and Miller’s apartment. She heard loud noises in the apartment above her and went up to investigate. Miller opened the door and stated something to the effect that “I blew it” or “I lost it.” Miller stated that he did not deserve to be treated nicely. Miller was informed of his Miranda rights and proceeded to volunteer incriminating statements. Miller stated, “I lost control and I just picked her up,” and “I’m sorry. I don’t want to live anymore. Shoot me” (Schmalleger, 2002).At the trial Miller’s sister, Annie Pedro, testified that on one occasion, Miller hit their brother ten...

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