The Negative Effects Of Genetically Modified Organisms On Our Bodies And On The Environment

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“Our primary health care should begin on the farm and in our hearts, and not in some laboratory of biotech and pharmaceutical companies" (Gary Hopkins). There are scientific discoveries showing that DNA can be transmitted from one organism to another. Biotechnology has a process of genetic modifications that are advancing throughout the planet. In 2004, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) started to be grown by 8.25 million farmers in 17 countries (James, 2004). GMO’s is an organism whose material of genetics has been modified using genetic engineering techniques. The genetically modified organisms are being refined into our foods and freshly grown crops. GMO's are consumed into our bodies every day and also cause allergies, while others get sick off of them. GMO's tend to also be bad for our environment as well. The many crops are being grown and being affected, like for example soybeans. Genetically Modified Organisms must be monitored soon as possible because they are bad for our bodies, our environment, and our foods that we eat on an everyday basis.

Genetically modified organisms are bad for our bodies. The Institute of Biotechnology demonstrates that there are 3 components of a genetically modified organism , a gene to transfer, an organism you want to put it into, and the vector to carry out the gene. A transgene is also included and what a transgene does is isolate and cut out DNA from the original organism (page 1). This means that the major way that the genetically modified organisms are able to function is by the 3 components. The transgenes are there to lead you to a new organism than what you started from the original organism. The Institute of Biotechnology demonstrates the restriction endonuclease is an enzyme that cuts strands of DNA at a specific point. They can also be cut as double strands of DNA (parag 1). Enzymes speed up chemical reactions. Endonuclease is a key part is which catches up upon the specific DNA sequences. The DNA strands that are pulled apart will also reconnect their ends. The fragments of DNA are still going to be together no matter what of the origin from the DNA. Combat Monsanto states that the invention of the GMO was founded in our everyday world based on the time from 1953-1993 decoding DNA (parag 1). This shows that even back then scientists were researching the aspect and the purpose for GMO’s been invented and how we as the people benefit from them. All in all, the structure of the genetically modified organisms is what causes the complexity of it to be bad for the body.
GMO’s are intended to expand and grow occasionally to intertwine the effectiveness to the body together. Steve Beach suggests that the immune system identifies the cells that are infected with viruses. Immune systems makes mistakes too (parag 1). This means that the immune system is part of our body that help fight viruses and sickness. The immune system can also make mistakes without even knowing it too. IMS Health...

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