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The History And Importance Of Robots

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The first known robot was created around 400-350 BC by the mathematician Archytas and was a steam powered pigeon. Archytas constructed his bird out of wood and used steam to power the movement of the robot. This bird was then suspended from a pivot bar at one point the bird managed to fly as much as 200 meters before it ran out of steam. This is not only the first known robot. Robots are machines capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically or controlled by imputed source by impued source. Robots could be defined in many different ways but a robot isn't just a human resembling machine it can be drone for example. A drone is simply a flying robot that can also be controlled or anonymously through software flight plans that are embed in the program. The new advances in robotics are going to help people in the future. Robots are going to make life easier helping people improve their lives. They are going to better our military and troops giving us a huge advantage. Also will make our health care services a lot safer and more productive. The new advances in robotics are going to have a positive effect on people.
Robots are going to improve our military creating a positive effect on society. Kristina Grifantini states that “University of Pennsylvania will present the latest version of a four-legged robot that can both scamper along the ground and rapidly climb a tree or a pole. Rise V3 was designed and built at boston dynamics-the company behind four legged military robot Big dog” (Parag.2). This shows the four-legged military robot is amazing advancement for military personnel. This “Big dog” can carry heavy loads for the troops. Allowing the soldier to go for longer distances and be able to carry supplies. The “Big dog” can walk on almost any terrain great for the field. This advancement helps better the soldiers on the field. Nina Golgowski states that “ The U.S Department Of Defense advanced research project agency created the walking two-legged PETMAN humanoid robot. It is able to climb and carry heavy loads. It has a great military purpose” (Parag.1). This means the walking two-legged PETMAN humanoid robot is one of many advancement in technology. This creation helps better the troops in battle. The walking two-legged robot can only have a positive affect to the human population. Mostly the military allowing the soldiers to carry more equipment for battle or to aid others. David Salisbury states that “New advances in robotic technology make it possible to create prosthetics that can duplicate the natural movement of human legs. This capability promises to dramatically improve the mobility of lower-limb amputees” (Parag.1). According to this evidence, the creations of better prosthetic legs has a huge impact for lower-limb amputees. It gives the chance for a person to walk and to live there life. It has a huge positive impact in society. The capability dramatically improves the mobility of the lower-limb amputees giving...

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