Our Immune System Did Not Evolve For Allergies

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“The immune system didn’t evolve for allergy. Why in a hundred billion years of evolution would we evolve a response for allergy?”(Joel Weinstock). Throughout the years, food allergies have been on a dramatic increase in the United States. Allergic reactions are caused by antibodies in the immune system which are also known as immunoglobulins. There are five types of immunoglobulins that are produced to
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fight antigens, such as, bacteria, toxins, viruses, animal dander, fungus, and cancer cells . Each immunoglobulin fights a different antigen and is found in different parts of the human body.
Immunoglobulins help the immune system when an allergen has entered the human body, each of these antibody releases a chemical called histamine, which is produced by the immune system to protect the human body. Histamine is one of the main reasons why allergy symptoms are triggered. Food allergens can cause severe or mild reactions due to an unusual mistake the immune system can make. The immune system usually mistakens a particular substance to be physically harming the human body and in the act to try and protect itself, it releases histamine. There are many reasons why food allergies occur, such as processed foods, genetically engineered proteins in foods, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms can all cause serious food allergies. It all began in 1996 when Genetically Modified Organisms were introduced to our foods. Genetically Modified Organisms are organisms that have been changed using genetic techniques. Between 1997 and 2002 the allergens such as peanuts and tree nuts has doubled and hospitalizations due to allergic reactions has increased. In today’s world allergy rates are still rising due to foreign substances in our foods sold in the groceries. Foods that contain pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms can affect and destroy the immune system making it hard to fight off diseases and gaining an allergy disorder. Food allergies have been on a dramatic increase in the United States. There are many reasons for these serious food allergies that are harmful to humans.
Common food allergens and processed foods can cause serious food allergies. Tribe Wellness claims that processed foods contain Genetically Modified Organisms and due to these GMO’s, allergies to food have been on a dramatic increase in the United States(1). Mercola states that foods sold in our grocery stores aren’t entirely safe, in fact many of these processed foods contain foreign ingredients,
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which have never been tested for safety. The foods we eat can impact our bodies in many ways. The immune system is nearly connected to our digestive tract, which means that what we eat can impact our
overall health and the way our body is supposed to function correctly(1). MedlinePlus argues that there are many food allergens that can cause severe or mild reactions to...

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