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Captain Jack Sparrow Essay

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As most may only know from what they have seen in movies, pirates ran rather free in the late 1600s. Piracy was an easy means to accumulate wealth by stealing from merchant trading vessels. With the lack of technology during this time, there was no way of monitoring and controlling the free seas. Jack Sparrow, (made famous form the Pirates of the Caribbean series) is a fine example of a free roaming pirate. Jack can and wants to be considered by his company as an elite pirate due to the fact that he is a captain. Through the use of referencing to scenes from The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, this paper will strive to diagnosis jack sparrow of his possible disorders, and attempt to teach him some different treatment options that may help him cope with or eliminate his symptoms in an attempt to ride him to ride him of his disorder entirely.
Pirates have a natural love for treasure and wealth. They often loose what little morals they possess in exchange for any opportunity to achieve any type of wealth. Pirates at this time are looked at as the scum of the earth (Jacobs Henry). This is shown by the depiction of the dead pirates hanging with a sign that says, “Pirates ye be warned” (Pirates of the Caribbean). Jack had a rough upbringing from early on. It is in these pivotal years that we develop many of our natural tendencies and social behaviors that we carry with us for the rest of our lives. If someone has a hard or troubled upbringing with little stability, then they are often predisposed to certain mental disorders. For example, Jack Sparrow started his life onboard a ship at sea during a typhoon. In no way, shape, or form is coming into the world in such conditions nurturing to the individual. Furthermore, his father Captain Edward Teague, was always out to sea with his own endeavors and left young jack with no fatherly figure. From a young age jack was left with little parental guidance and free to make his own decisions. In his early teens he followed his father’s footsteps with a desire for adventure by joining his own pirate ship starting as a stowaway. This shows his lack of care for how things are supposed to be ran. At this point in his life, His only role models have been his father (a captain) and now his new captain. This suggests to me that he may see his sense of worth being fully fulfilled by himself becoming a captain as well. He also seemed to have formed many of his societal habits during this time in his life by imitating his role models. Which explains jacks predicament as an individual.
. In Jack’s late twenties he finally became a captain of his own vessel the Black Pearl. For this to happen he first had to sell his soul to Davy Jones. He went into the agreement knowing he would only have ten years until he would have to give up his life and work aboard the Flying Dutchman. He made this (obviously arrogant decision to a normal person) choice because he wanted to be the man in the spot light so bad that he would...

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