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Captain Tory A Short Story About How Captain Tory Learned To Take Heed Of Others, No Matter How Unreliable They May Seem

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“Captain Tory! There be a man on the docks wanting your attention. He got a boy hostage!” Wiley Baxter urgently informed. Captain Tory sighed in annoyance and glanced at the docks. He observed a bearded man holding a lantern in his right hand and a small boy’s right arm in his left hand. Flickering lights appeared near the two.“How do you know what he wants?” asked Tory, “I just see a man and a boy.” Wiley Baxter’s face cringed in frustrating confusion, then he ran off to his room upset. Captain Tory refused to stop the ship for anyone, especially not for two mysterious strangers. He was shipping an urgent cargo of plastic explosives to the Boston Harbor for the United States military – he could not afford any detours.The bearded man started waving frantically and angrily, unmistakably at the ship. Intrigued, Captain Tory quickly held up the binoculars from his neck and looked through the device in the direction of the two strangers. Was it important? Why were they trying to get the ship’s attention? Tory was suddenly faced with an agonizing dilemma – continue his job and live with unsatisfied curiosity or stop the ship to satisfy it but lose his job.Realizing the ridiculousness of his dilemma, Tory decided to ignore the two individuals. He enjoyed his job, especially when Wiley Baxter did his in return. Baxter always spent his time listening to the radio in his cabin, shirking his simple navigation duties. But now Captain Tory was alone. He watched the boy and the man fade into the fog as he steered his ship towards docking station 8. The two quickly faded from his mind; he was now occupied with delivering his dangerous cargo and taking care of the fragile Wiley Baxter.After arriving at their destination, Tory and Baxter dropped off...

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