Captivity And Freedom In Persepolis Essay

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In Persepolis, the Iranian Revolution was going on. During the Revolution, there were hardly any freedoms at all. The freedom of the Iranian people was stripped from them as it was from other citizens. Women were forced to wear veils as a sign of the culture. In revolt, citizens gathered up in the streets, some in their yards, preferably the children were in the yards, they performed what they called “demonstrations” in revolt to the reign of the Shah’s. Consequently to this revolt in demonstrations, the citizens were often beat, their bodies were mutilated, they were also often assassinated and killed, and a majority of them were thrown in prison to where they were treated like crap. With ...view middle of the document...

Marjane urges her parents for them to flee and vacate the country, with many of the destination being the United States, but her parents believe that it is not necessary to do so and that it is necessary to stay and continue with the demonstration in a hopeful attempt to overthrow the reign of the Shah and to restore peace in Iran. Marjane’s parents state to her that the departing Iranian citizens will eventually come back to their home country with the cause of being homesick. They departing people of Iran will return to Iran because they most likely will not be able to assimilate within the culture of the United States, where the majority of their departures were going to. They will be in the same situation in the United States as they were in Iran because the American citizens will do to the Iranian as they did to the Mexicans, the Blacks, and the Native Americans. This enhances the theme of “Do not forget where you came from.”
Another result of the Shah’s reign was the closing of all bilingual schools. “They are symbols of Capitolism” (4). This was the result of a call of “Cultural Revolution” by the revolutionaries. There were no universities and there was no communism. The people were said to have agreed with the statement and this caused the division of children between the sexes.
Marji’s father was caught taking pictures of the demonstrations; consequently, he was prosecuted for his acts. A picture was also taken of Marji’s mother looking angry and rebellious convening in the activities of the demonstrations. Her picture is published in the European newspapers. This was scary to them. As a result of this, Marji’s mother completely goes into hiding and changes her appearance completely. She had dyed her hair and wore sunglasses in order to not get caught and prosecuted by the revolutionaries for her acts of revolt. Marji’s uncle, Anoosh, was arrested and thrown in prison because he was caught spying for Russia. The revolutionaries and the Shah were not tolerant of these kinds of...

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