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Car Audio. Essay

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There are many different types of speakers to choose from when you are building your car audio system Many brands make false claims about the products they produce, further complicating the decision of what brand to pick. Many factors determine the quality of the speaker, especially the brand. The most popular brands sold are Alpine, Pioneer, and Polk. Speakers can be classified in three categories high, middle, and low end. Although there are many different companies that produce car speakers, nothing compares to Polk's quality.Pioneer has definitely outdone themselves this time. Pioneer claims to lead the industry with next-generation technology for improved sound: the cones, magnets, surrounds, the voice coil wire, the basket and more. The only problem with this claim is that it's simply not true. Their cones are a composite IMPP (Injection-Molded Polypropylene) that allow cones to be lighter and more rigid. Pioneer added two types of aramid fiber that makes the cone even stronger and tougher, without adding weight. This provides a rich, natural sound character with excellent midrange depth. Along with the durability to stand up to the high volume levels, humidity, and temperature extremes that thrash other speakers. Despite Pioneer's many improvements, it still needs many others in order to be considered an industry leader. Pioneer's sound quality is very distorted. This year's 2006 models sound like a cheap imitation of Alpine.Pioneer's speakers are considered to be in the low end category. The product has many problems that need to be worked out. Although Pioneer is classified as a low end speaker, there are many other brands that produce a lower quality sound. Pioneer has made many hi-tech advancements which will lead to producing a higher end product in the near future.Alpine has created a great new design for the new 2006 models. These speakers have the ability to handle more power, improving sound and clarity. The product features a multi layer cone, for maximum strength, powerful bass, and superior musical detail. True linear movement (the ability to switch notes smoothly) allows for a more accurate musical reproduction, deeper bass, and better handling for higher volume levels. Alpine features a point source tweeter for better sound quality with less distortion. The unique design of the point source tweeter eliminates any cross cancellation between the woofer and tweeter. It also aligns the sound waves (directs the sound waves at the listener), for smooth sound performance. The tweeter can be used either as a separate component or post mounted coaxially with the driver. The speakers are equipped with a 22mm Ring Radiator Tweeter. The Ring radiator...

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