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Car Audio Installation Essay

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The art of car audio installation has been around for years. Car stereos date back to the 1930’s with many of the Worlds vehicles traveling on unpaved roads with nothing but the sounds of the cars creaking or the tires travelling along these uneven and bumpy roads, long trips would’ve driven anyone insane. Car radios are almost a necessity to keep up with the news on subjects happening in the world and the local population while you are on the go. This however led to companies throwing in the cheapest audio they could think of, not to be on purpose, but when there is a deadline to produce a car that has so much power or has this feature it is hard to find decent materials to make a wonderful sounding stereo system for cheap. This led enthusiast who enjoy hearing the tones of their music to actually go and make their own audio equipment that could reproduce the sounds that you would hear as if you were in the same room as the source of the music. (PCMAG)
This led to the first edition of the car radio, which was referred to as the “Motorola”. This device was a monophonic AM radio. These early radios actually developed to become two-way radios for police and fire departments. The utility of a device that could communicate sound while you are mobile is a great tool to have. When a crime is being committed at one location and the officers respond to the call then they would have to return back only to learn that there was another crime happening maybe less than a block away. This new technology would allow the officer to make changes in his directions without returning back to the station and wasting time, fuel or energy. These eventually led to the car telephone. With very low development and not much hope for the project there were very few transmitters that were put out around the cities and towns and almost none in the countryside. This led to the project being deemed a failure for quite some time. Until it was picked up again towards the generation with the ability to make Bluetooth calls. (PCMAG)
All of these projects being put into cars really made certain cars stand out on the field certainly more than others. The “Packard” for instance with the motto “Ask the man who owns one,” at the time the car was considered one of the best in its class, If you had the ability to afford this class. Being one of the most expensive cars in the 1920s the Packard was equipped with a standard monophonic AM radio which out of the many cars that have been produced the Packard company was the only ones to change the material that the speakers were made out of and led to the “cone” shape that you hear of speakers today. (Geofrey)
As the years continue on the more we began to see the audio systems flaring up in vehicles. This can cause discrepancy within companies on how they should approach a cars audio system. The more a company focuses on the other parts of the car that should matter to get the car from A to B they focus a little less on the parts of the car...

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