Car Buying And Negotiations, Roles Of Communication And Personality In Negotiation

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Negotiations take place in daily life often time with out thinking about it. The word negotiations brings to mind ideas of major purchases such as cars, or homes, salary increases, and so on but the truth is, talking to a friend or family member about wear to eat lunch is also a form of a negotiation. Negotiations generally occur for one of three major reasons, to come to terms on how to divide or share limited resources, to create something new that could not be done by the individual parties involved, or to resolve problems or disputes between involved parties. (Lewicki, Saunders, & Berry, 2006)Buying a new car can be an exciting time, but for many Americans the car buying can be a stressful time. The purchase of a new car can be one of the largest a person can make, yet people often rush into car buying. By understanding the car buying process (negotiations), doing a little research, and knowing what you are looking for, the purchase of a new car be very rewarding.The internet has become one of the best recourses to car buyers. With only a few clicks potential buyers can find out availability, dealer costs, customer reviews, and a multitude of other information. Knowing what the dealer paid for the car, the buyer can put together a 5% profit offer. Friends or family members who have recently purchased a car can also help by allowing an insight into the buyers forms and what to expect. Prospective buyers who know the price of the car with the options they want, can try to attain financing from their preferred source before ever arriving at the lot to start negotiations. Lewicki, Saunders, and Berry (2006) stated "Within the context of negotiation, information is perhaps the most common source of power. Information power is derived from the negotiator's ability to assemble and organize facts and data to support his or her position, arguments, or desired outcomes." (p. 188)Many people cringe at the sight of car salesman as they enter the lot. While this is not uncommon it is important to remember that in essence the salesman is working for you. The dealership is "dependent" on the car buyer in order to accomplish the sale of the car. By knowing that the salesman, his managers, and so on do not get paid unless a car is sold, adds to the buyers position of power. Have an idea of what you are looking for and go to the dealership for a test drive and initial price quote. That this stage you want to be carful not to promise anything to the salesperson or dealership, make no form of deposit, or sign any type of contract. A question you are going to hear is "what would it take to get you by this car today?" or something similar to this. By informing the salesperson no matter they do, you will not buy a car one you first trip. If at any point of the process you do not feel comfortable just get up and walk away. People who live in areas with multiple dealership who sale the type of car you are looking for helps to negotiate a lower price. As with...

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