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Car Checker Android Application: An Evaluation Of The Final Purposed User Interface

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The current user interface of the Car Checker Android Application was built from hours of application prototypes of the user interface, and also from hours of usability testing of the application user interface. This paper will discuss the current design and the purpose of the Car Checker Android Application, how the current application evolved from a paper prototype to a computer prototype, the design principles is the application user interface based off of, and the strengths and weaknesses of the current user interface. The current version of the application’s user interface and the purpose of the Car Checker Android Application will now be discussed.
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Now, the various screens of the Car Checker Android Application User Interface prototype will be discussed in detail by each screen and what purpose does it serve for the entire application. The application startup screen serves as the application’s menu screen, in which the main parts of the application can be accessed from that screen. The first input car screen serves as a form screen in which the car’s basic information, like make, model, and year, can be inputted into the input fields in order for a car profile to be started on the application database system. The second input car screen also does serve as a form screen that will specify if the repair notification method would be either email or text message, and also has an input field for the car mileage for the user’s car. The third input car screen does serve as a screen where the user can input initial repairs that were done to their car before the car’s information was inputted into the application’s notification system. The initial repair entry form only has support for up to six repairs at this current version of the user interface, and the repair input format is specified as repair date, mileage at the time of the repair, and what repairs the car underwent at that time of maintenance. The data that is inputted into the initial input car screens will be used to create a car profile that will track the maintenance of the car by tracking its mileage and maintenance plan, although that feature has not been implemented yet because the application is only a user interface prototype. The sample car profile select screen only provides three sample car profiles to select from, but in the future, that screen will be used to house the user’s car profiles that they have inputted into the...

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