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How Does a Parachute Work in Theory
Throw a ball up in the air and, sooner or later, it always falls back to the ground. That's because Earth pulls everything toward it with a force called gravity. You've probably learned in school that the strength of Earth's gravity is roughly the same all over the world (it does vary a little bit, but not that much) and that if you drop a heavy stone and a light feather from the top of a skyscraper, gravity pulls them toward the ground at exactly the same rate.
If there were no air, the feather and the stone would hit the ground at the same time. In practice, the stone reaches the ground much faster, not because it weighs more but because the feather fans out and catches in the air as it falls. Air resistance (also called drag) slows it down.

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Type of injuries In A Parachute Failure
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A Study of 110,000 Sports Jumps

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Date Accessed:2000-2016
A study was undertaken to examine the type, location, incidence and mechanism of injury sustained by amateur parachutists
in Denmark during a five-year-period. A total of 110,000 parachute jumps resulted in six (0.005%) fatalities and 155 (0.14%)
cases, requiring medical treatment. The latter group sustained 176 injuries of which 36.9% were significant soft tissue lesions
and 63.1% fractures. Landing is the most dangerous part of the parachuting procedure, causing 83.8% of the accidents, while
9.3% were caused by faults during opening of the parachute. Based on the injury...

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