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Car Distractions Essay

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The increasing amount of citizens injured due to being distracted by technology is growing to alarming rates. As people indulge themselves into their texts, conversations, games, and other distractions they lose a sense of touch with the world around them. The evolution of Smartphones is only making matters more challenging for pedestrians to retain focus on crossing roads safely. It is believed by the author that laws regulating phone usage while in heavily populated commercial areas should be enforced; along with billboards and commercials to warn citizens of the danger distracted walking holds.
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Crossing anything with possible dangers especially that of a high speeding vehicle requires you to pay your undivided attention to your surroundings. You can't simply look both ways and focus only on the other side of the street since a car can come cruising down at any second you're traveling. For instance, when I was taking my little brother and sister to my local park we were only about a few feet away from the park, all we had to do was cross the road. I looked both ways then started to head down the street when all of a sudden a red car comes blazing down the street and would have hit us if I didn't notice it in time. Obviously I was furious at the driver for almost injuring us, but then I started to think about how important it was that I was aware of my surrounding as well. I remember police officers and teachers telling us to look both ways before crossing the street,but what about during? We teach children not to play with matches, not to touch electrical sockets, not to go swimming in deep waters or water's that are unfamiliar to us, and to always look both ways before crossing the street. Yet, we don't teach them as well as we should to be aware of our...

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