Car Emissions And Global Warming Essay

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“1 gallon of gas =24 pounds of global warming emissions” (UCSUSA). Many of the people in our world today don’t understand just how much The Automobile affects us, our lives, and the world we live in. Undoubtedly, the invention of the car has changed our perspective on the different technology created over the past years. However, cars are some of the leading factors towards one of the largest ongoing problems occurring in our world today. That problem goes by the name of global warming. “Since 1990, Transportation has been one of the fastest growing sources of U.S. GHG” (U.S.D.T), otherwise known as Greenhouse gasses. In which most of us know; global warming affects our health, environment, weather, and ultimately our lives. It is a critical issue that continues to grow among this world, and cars nonetheless seem to be the main culprit. In fact, it can be easily said that the Automobiles of our generation can be considered the greatest common factor and one of the leading contributors for global warming. According to the UCSUSA, “Transportation produces almost 30% of all U.S. Global warming emissions.” This is with the exception of jets, planes, or any other type of aircrafts. That being said, the rate for GHG continues to rise and cars continually release toxins into the atmosphere.
Not only is the world growing substantially, but the rates for cars on the road continue to increase rapidly as well. It is a known fact that more people are driving now more than ever, and are driving further than ever before. As stated by Philip LeBeau and CNBC, “1.7 billion cars are expected to be on the road by 2035.” The rate of growth is a tell-tale sign that the rate of emissions is increasing. “Each year the average car sends 6 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere” (UCSUSA), approximately 10.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide will be released in the year of 2035. The U.S government has been actively involved in overseeing emission standards for years. This corresponds with the statement made by the U.S Department of transportation that, “Transportation is the largest end-use sector emitting CO2”, and also the statement released by the NRCAN in which, “Fuel usage & carbon dioxide emissions have grown steadily over the past two decades.” These factors are only to be associated with your average four door sedan and/or light truck. These do not include your 18 wheelers, heavy trucks, or the gas guzzling vans that emit more carbon dioxide into the air and are also on the road more today than ever have been before. Cars are readily and easily obtainable more so now than ever have been. This creates more fuel to be burned up in which produces more toxins to be constantly released into the atmosphere. In fact, according to Scientific American “cars relate as much as 30 gallons of GHG, while only driving 3 miles.” These miles can be correlated with something just as simple as your average work commute. According to the United States Census Bureau, “Nearly...

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