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Car Inventor Karl Benz Essay

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Hello everyone, First I want all of you to imagine a world without the gas car, where we would be. As of 2010 there was 1.115 billion and that was four years ago. Where would we be without cars? How would we get places? What invention would there be instead of them? The car has changed the world so much insofar of making a better tomorrow. Without the car we would be back years, the car impacted the world in cutting travel times into a tiny fraction of what they used to be, The most impacted was the postal companies. Think of when you order something from amazon, imagine having to wait for weeks for a guy on a horse to come. So for my person I chose an Inventor, the inventor of the car, the inventor I chose is Karl Benz.Karl Benz’s Heroes Journey: Karl benz was born Karlsruhe, Germany and grew up with his mom pushing him to be a mechanical engineer, to the day he was born he knew that he would be a mechanical engineer with his pushy Mom (Josephine Vailliant) and his Dad (Johann Benz) who was a engine driver. Growing up tinkering with engines, finally at the age of fifteen he Intended Ferdinand Redtenbacher and graduated on July 9, 1864, with a degree in mechanical engineering. In 1871 Karl was twenty-seven, joined a mechanical workshop in Mannheim. Working on the two-stroke engine, he successfully invented that with a partner named August Ritter. After working a long time he came out with the first car it was single stroke with three wheels. In 1887 after lots of testing he came out with a commercial car called the “Model 3” it was a lot better that his first inventions and it was four stroke engine. After this his life was going well he had a company with Gottlieb Daimler (later in his life invented the motorcycle) and Wilhelm Maybach until the great depression but Daimler Motors pulled...

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