Car Repair For The Do It Yourselfer

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Car Repair For The Do-It Yourselfer

For most people driving a vehicle is a normal and every day process. On any given day driving in city or town traffic one can experience a number of noises by either their own of somebody else’s vehicle. Car repair can be very expensive, and lately, do-it-yourself projects are very popular. In today’s Internet world, the driver has an option to explore the World Wide Web for information on symptoms, problems, and, depending on the service, the repair procedure.

This paper will concentrate on two web sites. The fundamental difference between the two is how much one advertises, and how the other sets the viewer in the right direction. The better of the web sites, in my opinion, is the one without all the bells and whistles.

The first is which is a do-it-yourself web site designed to help the home mechanic to do simple to moderate to difficult procedures of car repair. The web site deals with many makes and models of cars, and was very informative. Most of the aspects about the site I liked. This web site has faults; the most notable is the site doses not use big pictures or graphics. As web sites go, it is very plain, and by today’s standards inexpressive. Another problem is the text, it is very small, and on a 15-inch screen it still strains my eyes.

In my opinion the site doses not need any more to be useful. The functionality is what is important most. The language is in layman’s English. On the left edge of the home screen are the important links, such as repair manuals, advise forums, and parts/tools. The site is very easy to navigate to the repair section, and then find the link for the particular type of repair. For example, if a person has a problem with his or her brakes, he or she clicks on repair, and then scrolls down to brake repair. The step-by-step process is laid out along with diagrams and pictures. A big complaint of many do-it-yourselfers is that the author or mechanic replicating the procedure has the nicest tools, and shop to work out of. This is not true of the articles I saw. The authors of the articles I researched made it a point to use readily made available equipment. An example of this is, using the vehicles jack that it came with instead of a floor jack. There are many links to other articles I found just as informative. The one that sticks to mind is from the magazine “Popular Mechanics”, titled the “The Saturday Mechanic”. The biggest advantage to this site is that there is also a link specifically used so viewers of the site can link informative sites too 10W40, and another used for people to post stories and experiences with their cars. Most of the information here is from hundreds of sources on the Web. Also useful is the...

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