Car Stereos: Booming Ethics Essay

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One issue that is starting to appear more and more is the debate on putting laws on stereo systems in cars. Everyone's heard it, or will hear it, from some car cruising the street or stopped at a light. Many counties and states have already put laws in effect, such as Kane County in Illinois, issuing a $50 tickets to offenders whose stereo can be heard from 75 feet away. Also the city of Elgin fines $150 for first offense, $250 for second, and $500 for the third offense. Aurora Counties law allows police to impound the vehicle, issue and $75 fine and $250 impoundment fee.(Chicago Herald) The city of Lorain, Ohio has taken a much bolder stand. First offenders are fined $300, a second offense brings a $400 fine and the stereo gets confiscated as contraband, and then will be bashed into pieces by a sledgehammer.(Morning Journal) The city of Norman, Oklahoma has fines that range from $50 to $500 or up to 60 days in jail.(Oklahoma Daily) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is trying to put a law into effect that has decibel limits according to different zoning areas and time of the day, and include fines reaching $1,000 and 30 days in jail. It is closely modeled toward Allentown's 1996 sound ordinance. In order to enforce this law police have to drive the city with electronic sounds meters and determine what zones they're in, to determine whether the acceptable decibel level is 57 or 77. To quote the Police Commissioner Eugene Learn, "The Allentown law sounds a little extreme. I'm not sure if we want to get into anything that complicated."(Morning Call) I agree with the commissioner, this is a lot of time and man power to crack down on something so small. While many people feel that all this work and time is for the better, is that really the case? The government has to be spending millions of dollars to patrol and crack down on these "booming cars" and is it...

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