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Carbon Emision Is Damaging The Environment

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Carbon emissions have become an issue to the environment by changing the temperature and depleting the ozone. Technology made the ability for water and other essential resources to be readily available for people to use outside and inside the home. Humans have increased the use of water for irrigation and pleasure decreasing the availability of water, while emitting carbon from using water. The amount of water used today has put pressure on the water system. By examining Figure 1, most students use enough water to release more than 0.40kg of 〖CO〗_2 per shower. The data that I recorded is on the higher end of the spectrum for the class. Although, this information only shows the 〖CO〗_2 ...view middle of the document...

But, the constant withdrawing of water has dried out many aquifers leaving countries without water. The water system is a cycle that needs to be recharged in time. Although, humans are trying to produce more usable water humans are using more energy, releasing more 〖CO〗_2emissions and creating more waste build up of salts and minerals. It is clear to see that the more water that is used in excess, the more water is depleted. From Figure 1, most students are using an excess amount of water that is releasing large amounts of 〖CO〗_2, while very few are using a small amount of water.
Thousands of years ago, humans discovered a way for people to remain in one area for more than one lifetime. Agriculture has been a way for humans to survive on food other than hunting and gathering. However, the food system has changed from farming for subsistence to farming for food to be readily available and hunting for survival to herding the animals. With food being more readily available humans are able to consume more food. By looking at Figure 2, the highest levels of food products consumed are grain and meat. Grains, vegetables, and fruits need to be grown through rigorous agriculture techniques using vast acres of land, fertilizer and water. According to Foley et al., the use of land has expanded for more crops to be planted and animal herds to be sustained (Foley et al, 2005). The lowest levels of food consumption are legumes and other foods, with fruits and vegetables being in the middle. The need for fruits and vegetables are much lower than the need for grain and meat. Although, the group data is only a small sample expanding the data to a larger group such as, America or even the entire world would cause the need for more land and herds in order to sustain people’s needs.
It is seen that people are eating more grain and meats by Figure 2, therefore land is needed to sustain the increase need for grain, as well as the grain needed to feed the animals that humans get meat from. Cropland and pastures is one of the largest areas that covers land on Earth, increasing the amounts of grain that can be produced (Foley et al., 2007). When land is overused, the soil can erode becoming less sustainable for humans to get food products leading to pesticides and fertilizers to be used. The use of pesticides kills insects and rodents, so that they do not eat the crops, while fertilizers place nutrients into the soil for plants to grow. Fertilizer is used to give the plants nutrients when the soil cannot, however fertilizers can get into the irrigation systems adding nutrients and chemicals to the biodiversity of fish. Not only can chemicals harm biodiversity in animals such as fish and insects, it can harm humans as well. The need for grain increases the need for land, fertilizer and water. The need for fertilizer has increased by 700% in the last 40 years, in order to sustain the human population, as well as continue to use the land that is eroding (Foley et al.,...

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