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Carbon Emissions Essay

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Human activity has an impact on climate change on earth. Carbon emissions such carbon dioxide is one of the main causes of global warming that causes climate change. There are so many problems for the environment and humans caused by the carbon emissions. For the environment, carbon dioxide emissions can damage coral reefs. If emissions continue it will result in a lot of coral reefs will be destroyed and disappear within the next 20 to 40 years. If carbon emissions continue to rise and there was no change in the carbon emissions in the atmosphere will increase.
Emissions of carbon dioxide can also trigger the melting of arctic ice and sea water also threatened to rise, as long as global ...view middle of the document...

The first solution is to apply the Method of Carbon Capture and Storage. This method is an effort to reduce emissions by capturing carbon and storing it in a safer form. According to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, CCS is a technology that has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels. In general, there are three main processes in the CCS method, which is capturing, transportation, and storage. Starting from capturing carbon dioxide from sources such as natural gas processing facilities and power plants, and then transport it to the location of carbon dioxide storage in geological formations accordingly.
The second solution is to implement a carbon tax. Comparative advantages compared to fossil energy sources geothermal energy is not only caused by subsidies but also because during the production of electricity and energy costs as a component does not include the cost of environmental damage. This will result in the price of energy from fossil sources is lower than it should be. The cost of these emissions we know as the cost of carbon emissions, or better known as the carbon tax, which taxes or fees are charged for the consumption of goods that produce carbon emissions. Based on economic and fiscal policy strategies for climate change mitigation in Indonesia, the President of Indonesia plans to impose a carbon tax in 2014. Start at $9 each ton of carbon dioxide emissions will be implemented and will rising 5% in real terms every year until 2020. Carbon tax will be imposed on the use of electricity from fossil fuels,...

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