Carbon Emissions And Socioeconomic Issues Essay

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Cutting down carbon emissions significantly at a date set in the future by many nations that consistently report high income to majority of their population and high carbon emissions as a result of robust economic activities that result in industrial production of goods made available for consumption by other dependent industries which includes the service sector and general population consumption might have made most of the high-income, high-carbon emission nations to take an initial step towards prioritizing their efforts to address the concerns raised about the negative human health and wellbeing impacts that may be caused by global warming and climatic changes in the future which might have also allowed these nations to think about alternative, renewable and sustainable energy sources to bring down the carbon emissions by fossil-fuels.

However, frequent talks on the global warming and climatic changes in which the socio-economically developed nations with high income population who have high life expectancy rates so far have expressed mixed feelings that often ends in disagreement on the alteration to socio-economic development with need for a reduction in carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, a recently published research by a team of international researchers led by scientists from the University of Leeds have concluded that in future high life expectancy in any socio-economically developed and developing nations depends on their alternative priorities toward achieving an ideal in moderate incomes along with lower carbon emissions or stick to a historical priorities toward sustaining high-incomes but, with an alteration towards simultaneously bringing down high rates of carbon dioxide emissions through zero-carbon energy solutions.

The research study published in the journal ‘Nature Climate’ titled ‘Pathways of human development and carbon emissions embodied in trade’ has primarily explored the idea of the fact that “national carbon emissions are affected by international trade” and investigated the links between carbon dioxide emissions from fossil-fuels like the petrol and the oil-based gasoline, economic wealth and life expectancy or human wellbeing or human development (economically along with improved life expectancy).

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