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Carbon Fiber Essay

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Carbon Fiber has the potential to be great in constructing anything because of its light weight, strength, and durability carbon fiber will be the next building block for the remainder of the human existence on the planet Earth.
Carbon Fiber is and will become more important to society in the next few years even now it is very important to some industries in our world. Carbon Fiber is going to be very important to the car industry because “the next generation of carbon-fiber composites could reduce passenger car weight by 50% and improve fuel efficiency by about 35% without compromising performance or safety (see graph below to see light weight advantages) -- an advancement that would save ...view middle of the document...

“In 1958, Roger Bacon created high-performance carbon fibers at the Union Carbide Parma Technical Center, now GrafTech International Holdings, Inc., located outside of Cleveland, Ohio.”(About) “The high potential strength of carbon fiber was realized in 1963 in a process developed by W. Watt, L. N. Phillips, and W. Johnson at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, Hampshire.” (About). This really set off the carbon fiber trend on how great this product could be. When they finally put carbon fiber into the planes they have finally realized how important that the light weight creates more power to the planes and really brings out its performance not only to the planes but in cars, boats, and buildings.
Creating carbon fiber is difficult because it is created in a machine “during the manufacturing process, a variety of gases and liquids are used. Some of these materials are designed to react with the fiber to achieve a specific effect. Other materials are designed not to react or to prevent certain reactions with the fiber. As with the precursors, the exact compositions of many of these process materials are considered trade secrets.”(Corum) The gases help the carbon fiber get its light weight and also really help on getting its strength of the carbon fiber in to the rods and other stuff the people at...

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