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Carburetion Versus Fuel Injection Essay

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Are they making them like they used to? Today as we peer into the twenty-first century, technology is at its prime. We biologically create life, travel to new worlds, and even create new ones within cyberspace. Yet, we do not forget the past. Even today in this technological empire we have created, I still hear the nostalgic words from my father: "They sure don't make them like they used to." And in many cases, he is correct. Together, my father and I are in a process of restoring a 1968 Chevy Camaro. Many times we have discussed the controversy of whether or not the 350 cubic inch engine should be equipped with today's computerized electronic fuel injection system or the traditional carbureted system. I argue with my father that today's E.F.I (Electronic Fuel Injection) system is the wave of the future and the only way to go, but the old man continually reminds me of the way things used to be when he was young. Despite the outstanding performance of carbuated cars on the racetrack, I believe that the future of the automotive world lies in computer controlled fuel injection systems. In order to understand the benefits of carburetors and fuel injectors, one must understand what they do. The carburetor is quite simply a fuel-metering device that operates under the logical and straightforward laws of physics. It has evolved over the years from a very simple and basic design to the complex and intricate models that are available today. Liquid fuel will not burn; it has to become vaporized by the carburetor before combustion can occur. If fuel is not vaporized then the liquid will travel through the car and out the exhaust. Once vaporized the correct fuel/air ratio must be obtained to burn properly. Fuel is discharged through 12 holes located in exactly the correct position in the venturi resulting a finely atomized mist similar to that of a paint gun spray mist (Motor World 1). The same effect is accomplished with E.F.I. by using high-pressure fuel rails and injectors. The computer electronically determines the amount of fuel the injector disperses to accomplish an optimal air/fuel ratio.Fuel injection verses carburetion is a major issue in the automotive world. People are split 50/50 in favor of E.F.I. and carburetion (Car Craft). To most muscle car owners, the preference comes down to which one offers more power. Studies have show that a precisely tuned carbureted engine can out perform an E.F.I. equipped engine. Calibration is the heart of the carburetor's contribution. An engine can not make decent power unless the carburetor maintains precise control of the air/fuel ratio throughout the engine's operating range. Warren Johnson, a Pro Stock racer, says "there are only about two to three legitimate carb experts that can really dial in Carbs for Pro stock," (Car Craft) while it is much easier to tune a fuel injected car. Of course, there is a price to pay for the performance edge in carburetion, and the expense is in gasoline. Fuel injected...

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