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Cardboard Citizens Visit Secondary Schools To Share Experiences And Issues

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Current statistics show that teenagers from the UK have taken more drugs, drunk more alcohol and smoked more cigarettes than any other country in Europe. Children and young people today are capable of achieving greater things in life and should not feel the need to take a wrong path.
Reports show that this mainly comes down to other entertainment being far too expensive and peer pressure being existent. Schools today do not provide parents with enough valuable information on these substances and the dangers, resulting in binge drinking, homelessness and early teenage pregnancies.
It has been suggested by the media that teenagers in the UK today have become lazy and can not deal with problems they are forced to face within society and therefore choose the easiest option of running away from everything.

Cardboard Citizens is an organisation that strives to educate young people on these issues and help them along a better path in life. Cardboard Citizens provide help and support for young individuals that face problems such as homelessness, substance misuse and other areas such as personal development, health, education and finance.

The goals for the Cardboard Citizens Company are achieved through each performance. This is obvious to all cast and audience members when the protagonist has been encouraged to find a solution by the audience participant.
It is vital that the performances are first shown to the audience to have no solution, it is then important that a participant from the audience uncovers a solution that is noticeable to all in order for the company’s aim to be met, I believe this is why the audience are instructed to carefully watch the protagonist.

Audience members have the opportunity to stop all action on stage allowing audience members to become the oppressed character. The reason for this change is to distinguish whether or not the participant can use their own tactics and skills in order to progress and solve the actor’s problem.

Audience participants step in to present different actions and dialogue which reflect on their experience in order to see how they would deal with the situation. By looking at the situation through different angles the protagonist has been given different alternatives to find a solution. This is also an excellent way to exchange useful information and to teach the cast and audience their own experiences. No company in the UK demonstrates better the capacity of theatre to transform lives through personal empowerment and the rebuilding of shattered confidence. Cardboard Citizens' work with homeless people - and the ways in which their performances can open audiences' eyes and provoke impassioned debate - is quite simply invaluable.” Kate Winslet- Cardboard Citizens ambassador.

One of the methods they use is to do this is to respect everybody’s past experiences and not judge them for their way of living. The company consider that people who have previously experienced homelessness are...

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