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Cardiac Catheterization: An Evaluation Of Care Montgomery County Community College/ Nur 211 Research Paper

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Cardiac Catheterization: An Evaluation of Care
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Montgomery County Community College
NUR 211
April 15, 2016
The clinical experience in cardiac floor at Abington hospital gave me a chance to meet VP, a 40-year-old woman, who was going through alcohol withdrawal. Because of the significant decrease in her ejection infarction (15%), she was scheduled for a cardiac catheterization. The purpose of this paper is to discuss about the cardiac catheterization and nursing interventions before and after the procedure. Therapeutic communication techniques were also applied to build a good nurse-patient relationship and promote patient’s comfort during the withdrawal progression. Because nurses are the backbone of healthcare, the roles of the nurse met during patient’s care are also discussed in the paper.
Cardiac Catheterization: An Evaluation of Care
VP, 40-year-old female patient, was admitted to Abington hospital for unspecified cardiomyopathy, possible heart failure, and alcohol withdrawal syndrome. VP has been consuming alcohol more than ten years. Her symptoms began in college while socializing with friends who were alcoholics. Under those negative influences, the addiction got even worse after her two miscarriages. The lab values showed substantial electrolyte imbalances (Calcium 7.9 and Magnesium 1.2), altered hepatic function (AST 102, bilirubin 4.1, albumin 2.9, and total protein 5.4), anemia, increased troponin (0.18), and a significant drop in ejection fraction (15%). Cardiac catheterization was ordered to evaluate her cardiac status and clinically diagnose any cardiovascular diseases requiring surgical intervention. Cardiac catheterization has been the standard to analyze and treatment for symptomatic heart problems (Gomes, 2015, p.173). Indeed, this is the traditional method for examining coronary anatomy, determining coronary artery disease, and providing percutaneous intervention. Access to the heart is through a catheter via the femoral or radial artery. This process can be frightening experience for those patients who remain awake during the procedure. Moreover, the patient is kept NPO for 3-8 hours to prevent risk for aspiration during the procedure. In addition, all scheduled medications are also held including in insulin. Lab studies are obtained to check the patient’s health condition and IV fluid is ordered to prevent hypoglycemia and dehydration (McEnroe-Petitte, 2011, p. 14). After the patient is attached with an ECG machine in the lab, she is ready for the catheterization.
The site chosen depends on the physician’s preference. In VP’s case, the access is through the femoral artery because of its larger diameter. The chosen site is shaved, scrubbed with germicide, and draped. The prepping is done by the use of sterile technique. “After the health care provider numbs the access area, the...

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