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Cardiovascular Disease Essay

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Cardiovascular disease is also known as heart attack, is a very common disease in the world, especially in the United States. As a fact, cardiovascular disease killed about 17 million people in the world every year. Most of them are caused by heart attacks and strokes.
Cardiovascular disease can be caused by tobacco consumption and also smoking, it is also raises the risk of strokes. Another thing that can cause it is physical inactivity and also bad or unhealthy diet, this will lead too, which is a very important risk factors that will augment a person risks to cardiovascular disease.
A heart attack can happen when there is a blood clot. The blood will stream to a part of the heart and it will be blocked by a blood clot. When this happen, this clot will entirely shut down the blood flow, and this will cause the part of the heart muscle supplied by that artery to begin to die. In most cases, a lot of people survive a heart attack for the first time and starting to live the way they were leaving before and they will enjoy a lot more years of creative activity. But, the thing is that, that does not mean that the way they were living was good, that does not mean that they cannot have another one.
By having a heart attack for the first time really mean something, it is a sign that telling someone that their diet or the way he or she was living was not actually the best way. It means that that person needs and has to make some changes. That person needs to go see a doctor, and the doctor will give that person advice of medications and also a change in the way they live. But, it all depends on how bad that person’s heart was injured and also the degree of heart disease that caused the heart attack.
Also, there exists two types of stroke; the first one is an ischemic stroke which can be considered as the most common one, can occur when there is a blockage in the blood vessel that feeds the brain. That blockage is more often from a blood clot. What is going to happen is that the blood supply to a part of the brain will shut off and that will cause the brain cells to die. Once that happens, there will be an inability to carry out some roles or tasks, such as the ability to walk or talk.
The second one is the hemorrhagic stroke which most likely happens when there is a fracture in the blood vessel within the brain. This is usually caused an uncontrolled hypertension.
Sometimes, some of the effects of stroke are stable if there is a large quantity of cells that die after a stroke because there is an insufficient blood and oxygen to the brain. There will not be and there will never be a replacement for these cells. Fortunately, as a fact, not all the brain cells die, most of the time, they are out of order. If a cell is injured, it will be repaired by itself. As it is getting repair, there will be some progress in some body function. In addition, other brain cells will manage those injured area. Therefore, there will be progress in...

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