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Cardiovascular Disease In America Essay

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In our lives one of the significant things we can do is look after our body and health. Sometimes we tend to ignore of what is going on with our body since we live in a fast pace society. The heart is very important part of human body. It does more than just pumps blood. Not having a healthy heart can most of the time lead to health problems and eventually will decrease the overall condition of the heart. Learning more about the risk of heart disease can help us prevent heart problems from happening and have a healthy lifestyle.

In United States, according to American Heart Association, Cardiovascular disease also called Heart Disease is number one cause of death in United States. There are ...view middle of the document...

One of the originating factors could be the high fat food consumption. Things such as fast food restaurant are increasingly saturating society’s diet with fattening food. The increase in cholesterol contain foods in the American diet is severely multiplying as well. Another cause of CAD is low fiber diet and smoking can lead to a build up a plaque in the blood vessels.
Signs and symptoms of CAD can include angina, shortness of breath, mild and severe heart attack and can also be asymptomatic which no symptom showing. Angina is a most common symptom of coronary Artery Disease which is a discomfort that occurs in an area of the heart muscle and chest pain that does not get enough blood and oxygen. Another common symptom is shortness of breath, when a person have heart failure, the heart cannot pump enough blood and fluid builds up in the lungs making it hard to breath. Some people have no signs or symptoms which is called silent CAD. The person might not be diagnosed until the person has the signs of heart attack or an arrhythmia which means an abnormal heartbeat.
There are few different ways to prevent the Coronary Artery...

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