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Care In And Out Of The Hospital

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Imagine watching an elderly loved one move back and forth between their own home and a hospital, all because they did not have adequate home care. The hospital, in turn, did not provide enough rehospitalization time. This happens to many elderly folks who can no longer take care of themselves and neither can their spouses.
Mrs. Gerlach, age 82, suffered from a disease is called Giant Cell Arthritis and is very common for older people to contract. It is when the cells in the artery that feed the optic nerve become enlarged. The blood cannot get through and the artery starts to close. As the optic nerve starts to die, the cells lining of the artery get too big and starts restricting the blood flow. The doctors gave her medicine so it would stop the progression of the disease. It was a mega dose of steroids to decrease the swelling. The steroid was called Prednisone. Mrs. Gerlach started showing side effects to the medicine. It made her retain water and they gave her more medicine to stop the swelling. In the process, Mrs. Gerlach was in and out of the hospital all the time. She started showing signs of dementia and in the hospital and nurses often noticed she would see things which were not there. As time progressed, she began to lose a lot of her muscle. There would be bruises all over her arms from falling down, from lack of muscle she could not hold herself up. While in the hospital, she was given a certain amount of days to get better. After being discharged, she would end up back in the hospital because her care at home was not the same as in the hospital.
Elderly are put into the hospital for many reasons. One of the reason elderly are put into the hospital is because of illness. An example would be diabetes. Many of elderly are put into the hospital because they cannot keep up with their medications or they take the wrong doses. Another reason elderly are put in the hospital is because of an injury. Because of how frail elderly are, they are more prone to falling and having accidents. A third example is if an elderly person has a mental illness. Giving an example of this it would be dementia or schizophrenia. Both of these diseases are an illness of the mind and have to be watched carefully by the person who has it and their family. Since the person is sick, they are more likely to be rehospitalized because of their illness.
When someone is discharged from the hospital, they are taken back home to continue their recovery. If the person keeps getting better while at home, they do not have to be taken back to the hospital. Although if they are discharged and they get worse while staying at home, they will be rehospitalized, which means they are taken back to the hospital to be cared for yet again. Many people who are discharged must be rehospitalized because they needed more recovery time in the hospital and their home care was insufficient. Because of the care, it is hurting them in the long run because...

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