Care Sometimes Involves Moving From One Place To Another For Different Periods Of Time. With Reference Course Materials Discuss How Such Changes Might Affect A Person's Well Being?

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Relocation can have negative physical and psychological effects on people. "People who have to leave their homes and families, and move into a nursing home experience lots of grief and loss." (Harker, 1997) In this essay I will discuss how moving from one place to another for different periods of time might affect a persons well being. Using relevant materials I will focus on the reasons why elderly people are relocated into nursing homes. I will look at the feelings and emotions which the elderly experience and suggest ways in which they can be supported during these changes.

A few people decide to go into care themselves as seen in the case study of Mr and Mrs Smith (unit 7, p99) A couple in their 80s who decided to go into residential care because of Mr Smith needing some care himself thus putting strain on Mrs Smith. Some people may see that a member of their family needs a break and opt to go into respite care for a short period of time, or possibly a day care centre where a break on a daily basis is required. But more often than not people go into nursing homes involuntary due to illness or may be they are unable to cope on their own. There are a number of reasons why a move is necessary. Firstly the elderly person is cared for by a member of their family and they are finding the caring role to be a burden. Secondly a person may need to be hospitalised due to illness or possibly a fall, then due to lack of personal care in hospital, the ability to cope independently is retained. Norman suggests that 'the longer the period in hospital, the more likely it is that the social space at home will have closed up.'(Reader, p78) This could also be the case for a person in rented accommodation and being hospitalised for a long period of time, the landlord may want to repossess his house thus creating a barrier stopping the person entering their previous life and resulting in being relocated into a nursing home.

One of the greatest feelings associated with relocation is loss. Loss of independence is experienced when in institutionalised care, resulting in the person feeling that they are not themselves anymore, Harker agrees that having independence is something that everyone has worked to accomplish in a lifetime.(Harker, 1997) So when this is taken away people are bound to feel worthless. A person losing their home can simulate the same kind of grieving as someone would experience if they were to lose a loved one. 'feelings of painful loss, the continued longing as expressed by Maris (Reader, p75) are feelings of grief. All people go through the same emotional transitions in response to change. Hopson and Adams (Unit 7, p101) have developed a transition model based on Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' change curve (Kubler-Ross, 1969). The first stage of emotions experienced by change as illustrated in the transition model is Shock, going to a strange place and not knowing or recognising anyone. Shock occurs following a change in environment or...

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