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Career And Technical Education (Cte) Essay

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A major emphasis in the American Education system is a smooth transition from high school to college, and eventually to the career. By the time a student graduates from high school, he is expected to be capable of envisioning his career direction. As such, Career and Technical Education (CTE) is central in helping the student to objectively develop their career. This is key in developing a competent and skilled workforce to steer the economy forward in a competitive global market (Meeder & Suddreth 2012). A good education forms the pillars of every sustainable economy. Consequently, education ought to be given a high priority and the necessary resources provided.
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CTE programs are modelled from real-world and tested projects and systems. This makes the CTE programs a reliable way of training learners to appropriately apply knowledge acquired in the course. This, in effect, yields practical solutions to the prevailing challenges at the workplace. Currently, despite the benefits arising from the CTE, most states in the US are yet to make significant strides in adopting CTE programs (Clark, Dayton, Stern, Tidyman, and Weisberg 2007). This has resulted in an education system which produces graduates void of important skills in a dynamic and competitive market. The value of education given to the student is,thus, deemed to be poor; the student has to seek retraining before being absorbed into the market. In the long run, this causes the cost of training to become rather inflated.
The relevance of the course content, in terms of its applicability in the career, is often a most disturbing question amongst graduating students. There is, thus, a need for clearly spelled out and achievable objectives upon the completion of the course. CTE programs act as the bridge between knowledge gained and its application to produce tangible results. An intellectual who lacks necessary problem-solving skills may not have a significant effect on productivity in his economy.
Every career involves daily problem-solving through effective communication, deliberate brainstorming of pertinent issues, and logical processes to arrive at a desirable solution. However, it is difficult to acquire all these skills from one discipline. For the education system to produce all-round graduates, well-versed in various disciplines and ready to face challenges in a complex and competitive market, it calls for integration of disciplines. In view of this, it is evidently clear that the instrumental role played by integration of disciplines, in preparing a competent workforce, cannot be neglected. Such disciplines may range from Mathematics, English and Arts.
An important question that arises is how to practically achieve integration of disciplines in a classroom setup. At this point, we will narrow down to the classroom setup and see how History,...

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